Friday, November 7, 2003

Got a job!

Yay! I got a job! I wasn't really looking for a job but my husband has been telling me that I really need to get back to work. I've ALWAYS worked but in July I decided that I really needed a break for my own sanity. The 15 year old was acting up and I felt that I needed to be home, kind of "babysitting" my own children kind-of-thing. So anyway, the job...I took a waitressing position right in my own town at a brand new resaturant that will open Monday the 10th. It's kind of an upscale Bennigan's- Friday's place. I'm going to work lunches Monday thru Friday. The big one is also going to work there as a cocktail waitress and she'll also do 1 lunch during the week. I haven't waitressed in 12 years but, like riding a bike, you remember how to do it as soon as you get there! I really like the restaurant atmosphere and the cameraderie that you share with the other employees. I like the fact that we're all brand new employees so I won't feel like an outsider. Besides, it's a brand new place so we'll all learn together..No one has an advantage!

The paranormal investigators will be here tomorrow (Saturday) evening. There will be 5 investigators throughout the whole house. My husband tells me that he'll be in NY with our 14 year old daughter while they're here. Just doesn't want to get in their way. Haven't had a lot of "ghostly" activity lately. Halloween I saw a tall dark shadow in my side yard but when I turned my head to ook at it head on, it disappeared. When I came back home, my side gate was wide open. Now  I know that doesn't sound strange until I tell you that the man who owned the house (with his wife) before us died on that very corner of the property. the open gate? Well...we have a very large Alaskan malamute that plays in our yard. NO ONE goes in my yard because he's so intimidating looking! So I just found it strange...Could be nothing or could be the previous owner telling me that he's still around! He was a nice man, too. My kids used to play in this house with his grandchildren who where living with him at the time. We think that he's still around the house. The big one heard him talking to the dog once. "Kota, come here..It's ok. That's a boy!" Strange. One day I'll write down more about the strange things that have happened in this house. But for now, I really need to get to the store. Bye!

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drgnflyjwls said...

I just came across your journal as I was doing a search for others who are having strange things happen in their homes.
If you get the chance, please do elaborate on the "going on's" in your home. I am very interested.