Monday, November 24, 2003

Oooops! Sorry..

I apologize for not taking the time out to write but it's been crazy! I'm really having a difficult time getting used to standing on my feet for 6 hours straight 5 days a week! I DID bring those ever so uncomfortable " I LOVE COMFORT" shoes back...Got myself a piar of $70 Rockport Walkers! You would think that I would stop complaining, but, no....My feet STILL hurt!! It's me, though. And the fact that I AM 42 years old, after all. What was I thinking?! So...went out a few nights later and bought some Dr. Scholls's inserts (no, I AM NOT gellin'! LOL!!). They seem to help a bit. Enough about the state of my feet..

Work is great. I really enjoy meeting new people and the kids I work with are all fun to work with. You know, that's one of the reasons I love to wait tables...the people you work with become like family to you. I've always likened a restaurant and it's employees to summer camp..especially like summer drama camp! Sure, some people aren't going get along with anyone but for the most part, most of them get along with 75% of the rest of the employees. I really get a kick out a this prep chef, Heather. She's great and funny and so adorable, in a tomboyish sort of way! And the cooks are nice too altho they speak Spanish and you never REALLY know what they are saying...

So what have I been up to other than work you ask? Well...cleaned the hot tub on Sunday..Shopped on Saturday..(don't get all excited-it was just groceries!)...Out to lunch and dinner on Friday..(YES! I love to go out to eat!!)..hmmmm..Saturday is kind of a blank, come to think of it!..Oh, wait! Went out to dinner with our neighbors and another couple (friends) to celebrate the neighbors victory in his court case! My food wasn't great but the beer was!! It's a micro-brewery place so of course I had to try every beer! (6, if you're counting.) They were 5 oz. samples so I was fine..I especially liked the Cherry Chocolate Stout...mmmm!! The Raspberry Wheat wasn't bad, either!

Ok..I've babbled long enough. Gotta get some laundry done or the big one won't have clothes for work tomorrow.

See ya...Peace!

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