Monday, November 10, 2003

1st day on the job..

Well, started my job today after what proved to be a  long weekend. Friday we had training and food tasting. Saturday we had more training, organizing, stocking and (my favorite part!) more tasting! Sunday I had a baby shower to attend, a "soft-opening" at the restaurant (you get to invite a guest to enjoy a free dinner at the restaurant) AND had to meet my confirmation partner at Church. Whew!! Plus I had been watching my sister's dog while she was in Vermaont visiting our dad. This entailed driving the 15 minutes each way to her  house 3-4 times daily, sitting with the dog for a while and feeding her. Not too bad before I knew I'd be working, but I managed.

So, like the title of this entry, today was opening day. Tell you what, for the first time in my life I feel my age!  (42 years old) This is gonna take some getting used to!! LOL!! I only made $20 but I really didn't have all that many tables so that's cool. I'm sure the bucks will start pouring in soon! Truth be told, it's just nice to be working in such a nice atmosphere with a great management team and co-workers. I actually prefer to start off a bit slowly, get my bearings. The big one worked with me today. She made $50!! (That's 'cause she's half my age and had great tables!!)

I'm now trying to get some laundry done so that the poor children don't go to school naked. (Although I swear somedays the girls ARE naked! Please, I'm no prude but when I see the get-ups my girls wear, I wanna cry! And throw blankets over them!!) My next goal is to actuall get my children to pitch in around here. My husband does a majority of the housecleaning but I'm the only one who does laundry so we're screwed! Like I said, I have to get used to this and get into some sort of routine as far as housework....but give me a few weeks, won't you?!

That's about it for feet and legs hurt and I need to grab a nice cold one and jump into the hot tub!

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