Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Got the report!

We recv'd the report from the investigators.1 of them felt someone lightly touch his arm while he was in the basement!He had the feeling that there were "children playing hide and seek" with him. Here's how this started:

One night we heard a crash.The dog ran into our room and wouldn't leave.My husband smelled a chemical-type odor on him so we thought someone broke into the house and tried to subdue the dog with some sort of chemical spray.We got up and saw that one of our 10lbs.chairs was in the family room, approx 7 ft away. We felt that something had scared the dog and he dragged it there. We checked on the kids.After10 mins.we went back to bed.I'm so sure that I'm going to see a robber that I leave my glasses on and keep looking down the hall.A while later, I noticed a small, glowing object on the hallway wall. I kicked my husband and made him look. He rolled over and went back to sleep.I keep observing this object. Then it floated down my hallway, past my door and looked as though it turned towards me. It had no shape but it was the size of an avg person. It went into the dining room, next to my bedroom. I said to my husband, "You are NOT gonna believe what just happened!" So, again, we jump out of bed and cannot find a thing!

The next day we told our neighbors. Since they knew the previous owners, Sam and Betty, they gave their daughter a call to see if she could shed light on this. Turns out that Sam, who had passed away on the corner of our property 3 yrs earlier while mowing the lawn, used to work in a chemical plant and kept his clothes in the dining room closet!!

Since that night, we have had many experiences in the house. Our oldest daughter swears that she heard Sam talking to the dog one day while she was home alone. The only reason she assumes it was Sam was because he was an older African American and she described the voice as being such. Funnily enough, 2 of our daughters were good friends with Sam's 2 granddaughters who lived with him for a period of time. When we were house hunting we asked to see another house on our same street but the realtor accidently brought us to this house, thinking that this was the house we were talking about.  It was exactly the type of house we needed for our large family!


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