Thursday, October 23, 2003

Several good days in a row!!

Do you kinda get the feeling that I LOVE the Dave Matthews Band?! Well...YES I DO! Heard from the big one..she's doing well in rehab...Yee Haw! Have tried to be in a better frame of mind lately. I think that the therapist is a bit worried that I may be suffering from depression. Yeah, well..I might. I sleep too much, I drink too much..I cry too much. I just do everything TOO MUCH!! Anywayyyyyyy...I'm not worried about myself...yet. I still have some sense of control. Albeit, not too much control. Ever feel like you're spiraling downwards? That's me lately....But I can always pull it together,if not just for a moment...

Herman (my husband) has his powerlifting meet on Saturday morning. His parents will be down tomorrow afternoon so that they can be there at 8:30am Saturday morning to watch him. Right now he's in the hot tub with Mark and Heather, his "gym friends" with whom I have nothing in common..other than the fact that we live in the same town! LOL!!

Welllllll.....I guess I should turm in for the night..but WAIT!! I need to watch the World Series! Last time I checked, the Yankees were behind, 1-4...Yikes! I'd better go and offer some fan support! (Truth be told..I only watch the Yankees when they make the Worls Series...which has been pretty much the past several years!!)


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