Monday, April 5, 2004

I hate Day Light's Savings Time! LOL!!

Well..busy weekend. First off, Herman took back our 6 week old (if that, even) Altima and got himself a fully loaded Maxima. I won't even tell you how much it cost because I , myself, have not yet come to terms with it. When he came back with it, I made him repeat after me: "You are the bestest wife in the whole world!" "You are the most beautiful woman in the world!" "I am the LUCKIEST man in the whole wide world!!" And he did. I told him that I likened the Maxima to a puppy that a child finds and wants to keep.."Please, Shar...can we keep it? Pul-leeeze??!!! I promise I'll take care of it and I'll let you drive it alot!! Please, Shar..please??!!" I told him that yes, he COULD keep it but the talk of a motorcycle and Corvette will now CEASE!! (How do you say "mid-life crisis"??)

Well..this all happened on Saturday night. He didn't get back from the car dealership til around 10pm and no one had eaten so off to Bennigan's we 1030pm. By the time we got home it was midnight, talked til 1am..which was now REALLY 2am...and I had to be up at 8am, the latest. Because I was so afraid that I would oversleep, I woke up at 7am!! Laid in bed til 8am, got up and made some tea. Herman woke up so we chatted...til I realized that I had 20 minutes to take a shower and get to Church so that I could serve communion!! LOL!! (This is the story of my life!!) Got thru that ok (and yes, I can shower, put on my sparse makeup and dry my hair all in 15-20 minutes) and then went to the Duchess Diner (I say that because Dar really misses the Duchess!! LOL) for a late breakfast. Got home, sent an emergency pleas for help email to all my Deacon's and ran out the door to pick up my confirmation partner and her friend so that we could go do volunteer work at a local nursing home. (Anyone tired yet?!) Whew...We were there for about 2 hours, wheeling patients to our Sunday service, turning hymnal pages, serving coffe and returning them to where they came from. Tiring. It's a huge place. It used to be a tuberculosis hospital back in the day. Many floors and many wings. VERY creepy, too. By the time I got home (around 4pm) I was ready to crash...but NO...there was food shopping to be done and I hate sending Herman by himself because he wil come home withe the smallest bottle (or largest bottle) of whatever we need. (Talk about your run-on sentences!) Anyway, I took a nap later on in the evening so that I could watch "The Sopranos", which, BTW, if you missed it, was GREAT! One of my favorites, so far this season.

Saturday I went to the mall and bought a book about "Weird NJ", a staewide magazine that we have here in NJ. My girls would like to do a whole "Weird NJ" tour this summer. Oh, and I FINALLY found Peter Gabriel's "Secret World Tour" concert DVD at Barnes and Noble!! Woo-hoo!! So I stayed up til 2am this morning watching it!!

And how was your weekend??!! Peace! :)


sxysweetart said...

I hope YOU get to drive the new Maxima (nice car BTW)!  You be stylin now! LOL  I know guys and their rides are something else, arent they?  My weekend was good, spent time with Shane and the B/F, so it's all good!  ~lila~

dymphna103 said...

O you jus make my day with your stories and the tales of your life thanks john