Monday, April 26, 2004

Been busy..

Hi! FINALLY I can update my journal!! As you may remember, this past weekend was the annual Deacon Chicken Barbeque. (I call it the weekend from HELL.) Friday I unloaded 250 half chickens intothe fridge at Church. Saturday 6 of us were at Church from 1030am til about 215pm...We had to clean said chickens, dip in marinade and pack into containers so they could marinate all night. We shucked about 300 pieces of corns. Cleaned up a bit, lined some sheet pans with foil and made the kitchen ready for Sunday's festivities.

I was up at 530am Sunday morning. Showered, ran to get everyone coffee and dinuts from Dunkin Donuts, got to Church by 7am. The fire pit guys (some of the male Deacons) arrived at about the same time to start the ROARING fire that we needed to cook all those chickens! 3 of us started to par-bake the chicken in the 2 ovens..64 pieces at a time!! Kitchen crew arrived around 830am to start packing coleslaw and rolls with butter. Can I tell you that it was like a well-oiled machine?! Things couldn't have gone any smoother than they did...and THANK GOD THEY DID!!!! LOL!! We had 250 chicken dinners (1 half chicken, 1 piece corn on the cob, 1 roll w/butter and 1 serving of slaw) ready by 1040am!! DONE! This has NEVER happened before!!

Church let out just as we were closing the last "to go" container..Out of the 250 meals we had for sale, we sold 213!! The rest we took to a battered women's shelter that we help out once a month. AND one of the Deacon's spouses said he would pay for half of all the leftovers!!! So at 1230pm my co-hort and I took these meals over to the shelter. I was supposed to go to the minister's home for a celebration of his daughter's baptism but I passed out til 430pm!

Then I had to get ready to go to Confirmation Dinner back at Church...That was done by 800pm...and so was I!!

Herman was busy cleaning all day yesterday because we are trying to refinance so that we can put our home equity loan into our mortgage..This means that we have to have the house it has to look nice. So both of us were beat last night...Oh yeah!! I mowed the back and side yards on Saturday!! (The new lawn mower is slef propelled so it was easy!)

The Big One got out of hospital on Saturday and has been nothing but MISERABLE since then. Argumentative, bitchy, miserable..unhappy...self-pitying..Ugh...She's really bringing me down and making the rest of the family miserable, too. She has had several blow ups today, all related to the fact that the other 2 girls have "borrowed" her things and ether lost or ruined them. Well...she has done this to THEM more than once so I have NO SYMPATHY. So she;s mad at me because I haven't yelled at the girls (BUT I HAVE) and poor poor has been one loves her...::::SCREAMING::::: She's f'n impossible!!!

So, tonight I'm TRYING to catch up on laundry..have to clean up my bedroom a bit..get read for the work week ahead..I really need a break...Maybe I'll just say "screw it all!", make a drink and curl up into bed and have a little "pity party"...Nah...too much to be done here..



sxysweetart said...

Wow, thats alot of chicken dinners, and it's great most sold.  I'm sure the shelter really appreciates getting what was left over.  They sound very tasty, love chicken and corn on the cob!  Your a saint Sharon for putting in so much time at your church with all that is going on in your life with your daughter.  I suppose in a way, it feels good to get away from it all at home.  I pray things get better with her (your daughter) very soon.  I finally mowed today, my grass was really long, but it's rained so much, haven't been able to get it done till today.  I also have a self propelled mower, I love it!  When you get done what you have to get done, definetly, have that drink, you deserve it girl!  ~lila~

annalisa135 said...

that is wonderful news!!!  to sell 213 out of 250, still have someone pay for 1/2 of the leftovers, and to donate the food to the shelter!!!!   Really fantastic!  you must feel terrific having accomplished so much.   sounds very very busy though, ALOT of work!  

Sorry to hear about the Big One's attitude.  I wish someone could help her.  Does she get counseling?  psychiatric meds?  i'm really worried about how unhappy she is.  it sounds like she's just begging for help.  I don't know your whole story, i'm relatively new to your corner of the world, but i'm worried about her mental state.  I'm sure you've stuck by her and done everything you could to help.  I can feel it that you are a very good mother.  how to help this child?  yes she's still a child, in my mind.  she needs some serious help from some professionals.  although you are fed up with her, i know you wouldn't want to lose her to suicide, and i know you wouldn't want her to be unhappy.  My prayers are with you and her!!!!

keep taking care of YOU even as you deal with her, your other kids, and Herman.  That is so important.  If you don't take care of you, you won't be much help to anyone else.  And it sounds like your family needs your strength and support very much in order to succeed.    You are an amazing woman!!!    

drgnflyjwls said...

And here I was thinking things were rough my way!  Kids sure can be ungrateful little cusses, can't they?  Hopefully, we'll be able to look back on these times & laugh as we breathe a huge sigh of relief!
I'm sending you good thoughts, Sharon.  Hope things improve with Big One soon.  Take care of YOU!