Sunday, April 18, 2004

Totally stressing out..

Sorry it's been so long since I posted..My birthday was nice. Herman and I spent the day together, after he took The Big One to the hospital..We had lunch out together then we went to The Barge for dinner with my family, my sister and her family and my mom. Then we dropped the kids back home and Herman and I went to The Cornerstone (where I work) and had a drink. I worked Friday...make OK money.

Yesterday was a wasted day. Herman spent all damn day at a powerlifting sompetition just to see 1 guy, Mike Miller, lift. We were told that he would be lifting in the morning then they changed it to a little after 1pm..Well...he didn't lift til well after 430pm..Herman wasn't happy. He spent all day in a stinky gymnasium at a high school and the guy didn't get the squat he wanted. (He was going for a WORLD record of 1200 pounds!! The guy weighs about 375 pounds...afetr losing about 50 pounds!!!) I went earlier in the day but the people there actually were guy (who had beady little eyes that were TOO close together) ranted on and on about how when his daughter was old enough to date he was gonna take the prospective date and introduce him to Mike Miller (the 375 pound guy I just mentioned) and then show him the cats (we're talking lions and tigers her) that he keeps and if all else failed...his roomful of firearms! He was a very SCARY dude. After that little rant, I turned to my friend Brenda and asked her if she had just heard "Dueling Banjos" playing in the background...LOL!!

I did get to the spa for my birthday and may I tell you...It was SHEER Heaven!! I felt like Gumby when I left there! I have a little bit left on my gift certificate so I'm gonna add some of my own money and head back there in a few weeks for another massage!! WOO-HOO!! Some of the people at work pitched in and bought me a gift certificate for a manicure/ pedicure! Wasn't that so nice?? I was sooo happy!!

Today we're going to buy a new grill (even tho we have rough winters, we use our grill all year long!!) because our old grill is SHOT. I haven't gotten my bicycle yet because Herman needs to clean out the shed. We'll probably all get new bikes sometime this week. We like to ride our bikes on a local Greenway. The kids enjoy riding with us, even tho they're getting older.

The Big One is home fromthe hospital since yesterday. She had a stomach flu that sent her diabetes spinning out of control. She's headed back to work today.

Well...that's all I have for now..Oh, It's GORGEOUS out today..almost 80 degrees!! Blue skies!! Windows all open!! Germs outta here!! Yay!!! Spring is FINALLY here!!!

Peace out!!


grodygeek said...

Happy Birthday, belatedly. Glad you had a great time at a spa, well deserved I'm sure.

The soon to be private journalist

tmmiles4 said...

Hey.... don't get too excited, it's 80 today but it'll SNOW tomorrow..........good old NJ.........miss ya...wish you were here!

ggal3133 said...

Massages are a good thing :)
Enjoy your weather, we are suppose to get to near 85 today, yahhhhh!

sxysweetart said...

Glad to hear your spa visit was everything you wanted or needed.  It sounds so nice to be pampered for the day.  Hope your daughter is feeling better.  ~lila~

annalisa135 said...

a big big difference between this entry and the next one!  Whew!  you need to go back to the spa, honey, and pamper yourself.  the big one is driving you nuts.