Wednesday, April 7, 2004

"The View" experience I didn't get to be on TV :(  But I had a great time! We took NJ Transit into Penn Station and then took a short cab ride to the studio. We arrived at the studio at 900am, a half hour earlier than we had to. But there was already a line. We stood outside for about 1/2 hour and then made our way into the building. Once there, they check to see if your name is on their list and then you move to the next line to have your bags checked and to go thru a metal detector. After that, you stand on line for about an hour, waiting for them to send you up to the studio. They call you by number (we were 100, 101 and 102) and you cram into an elevator with about 15 people and head upstairs. Once inside the studio, someone shows you where to sit. We happened to be dead center, about 5 rows up. Surprisingly, the studio isn't as big as it looks on TV. It's deceiving!! I always thought that they moved from each "area" (i.e. from the table to the couch to the fashion show area..) but IT'S ALL THE SAME AREA!! They just move the "area" to center stage on rollers. When they had the fashion show today, we were directly in front of the models when they showed the audience. I don't think that you could see us, tho. Doesn't really matter, tho.

The cast was very nice. Star came up into the audience and showed off her engagement ring, Elizabeth Hasselhoff came out to dance with the audience before the show began...they all talked to the audience during commercial breaks.

All My Children is in the studio directly across the hall (we're talking yards, not 1000's of feet)...When we got off the elevator, The Big One and Jessica saw "Ryan" from AMC...They were hysterical!! "Oh..he did a triple take..he smiled at us!!" Too funny!! For some reason I was looking in front of me as I walked, instead of in back of I missed him!

Denis Leary and his wife gave everyone a copy of her book, An Innocent, A Broad. I was really hoping that jamie Pressly was going to give everyone some free lingerie ...but that didn't happen. She came across as rather defensive, I thought. I might be, too, if I knew that every time some did a Google search about me nude pictures showed up!! LOL!!!

My favorite person on The View has to be "The Viewmaster" himself, Bill Geddie. He's very self-effacing and funny.

Ok...I'm sure I've bored a few people to tears by now...and OH! Look!! Time for me to run to Church and pack up some Easter food baskets! Where does the time go?! LOL!!!!

Peace....and thanks for tuning in!  ;)


sxysweetart said...

I taped the view today, so I could watch it after work. I sat very close to the Tv hoping to catch a glimpse of you, but alas, no Sharon to be found. :-(  Glad you had a fun time, and your daughter decieded to go afterall?  I havn't watched the view in a long time, it looks like Starr Jones has lost alot of weight, and didn't know she was engaged either.  Yay for you for getting at least a free book!  Some lingerie would have been nice though!  ~lila~

ggal3133 said...

Sounds like you had a great time! I've never been to a TV show so this was fun to see the behind the scenes, thanks :)