Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Going to see "The View"..woo-hoo!!

Just got back from shopping for the outfit I'm going to wear when I go to see "The View" tomorrow. Denis Leary and his wife are supposed to be the guests, as is Jamie Presley from "Happy Family"...Funny thing about her...I wasn't sure who she was so I did a search, clicked on one of the links and VOILA!! Nude pictures of Jamie Presley!! LOL!! Now I feel like I know TOO MUCH about her!! After seeing those pics, I now understand why she was chosen to do the lingerie segment on the show tomorrow!!

If you get a chance, watch tomorrow (Wednesday) and see if you can spot me..I'll be wearing a yellow print shirt with a blue tee-shirt under it, khaki pedal pushers...I'm tall and wear glasses. I'll be with Little Sharon who is short and Japanese, Jessica who is tiny and cute and The Big One who is tall and has blonde hair. I'll smile at all of you!! I sure hope that it's not true about the camera adding 10 pounds..or I'm screwed! LOL!!

John from Losing It mentioned in his journal the other day that he'd like to meet all his AOL j-land friends someday. Me, too. Wouldn't it be great if AOL set something up for it's journalers in some central location and provided discount airfare?! It would be so much fun!! But then the question comes to mind: Will these people all really like me once they meet me? Is the cloak of anonymity for the best? Yes..we all know each other's names and some other things but do we REALLY know each other? I suppose some may know others better than some of us...but still, since we are not in physical contact, it's hard to know if you really do know a person. Oh, I'm beginning to ramble...

Anyway..have a great night! I'll write about my experience when I get back tomorrow afternoon!


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sxysweetart said...

I will be looking for you tomorrow! It sounds like so much fun to be in the audience of a show.  I was in the studio for a taping of Family Fued back in the mid 80's in Burbank CA.  That was pretty cool.  Well, have fun tomorrow and don't forget to wave to us!  ~lila~