Friday, April 9, 2004

Why I like New Jersey

(Dar: I know you're gonna disagree with this entry...TOO BAD!! LOL!!)

1. We have actual seasons: it rains in the Spring, gets hot in the Summer, cools off and leaves fall in the Fall and snows in the winter..JUST LIKE GOD INTENDED!!

2. We have beaches, mountains, green valleys and a beautiful area called the Pine Barrens, a place filled with brackish water and pine trees.

3. Not everyone from New Jersey actually says: New Joisey, goil (girl) or Oh my Gawd!! No, we're not all like the Sopranos, either..

4. We live close to the greatest city in the world, NYC!! A mecca of culture, clubs, restaurants and theatre!! And we don't have to drive there because...

5. We have mass transit! We have a vast network of buses, trains and taxis.

6. We have many quaint towns, my town included!

7. Sure, our cost of living is higher than most states but incomes are alot higher to compensate.

8. Alot of actors/actresses come from NJ. Susan Sarandon is from the next town over from me, as was the recently deceased Robert Pastorelli (Eldin on "Murphy Brown"). Robert Hedgyes (Jaun Epstein from "Welcome Back Kotter!") is from my town..ah, the list goes on and on...

9. New Jersey is rich in history, as we are 1 of the original 13 states!! Woo-hoo! Some of the homes in my area are over 200 years old!!

And last but not least...

10. Since we are a major port for the import of gas, our gas prices are among the lowest in the country! it really stinks (literally and figuratively) up by Newark/ Elizabeth (refineries galore!!)..but please, next time you make a joke about New Jersey being "the armpit of America"..remember: Some of us really DO like it here!!


tmmiles4 said...

Some people are just loopy from all of the noxious gas in the air!  Too much traffic, nasty people, no spring or fall, who are you kidding?  It goes from 40 below to 100 degrees with 100% humidity! With only a day or two in between. What have any of those famous people done for you or NJ for that matter and WHY in God's good name would you want to take your life in your hands a travel into that noisey, nasty filthy dirty city??  The beaches are full of tampons and medical waste, the Pinebarens? you've got to be kidding me! Mountains? I'm guessing you've never been to Montana or Wyoming?....let's see what else can I critque NJ on??  Oh, your quaint little town is so full of traffic that it takes you forever just to get to the store, which used to be right around the corner, but oh! they moved it five miles away.....mass transit....if you don't get stuck in some tunnel or get mugged you might get there but you'll be late for whatever it is you were taking your life in your hands for anyway.  Cost of living? there is no living cause you have to work all the time just to pay your TAXES!!!! and I never made any more in NJ then I've made anywhere else. They have to give you low gas prices or everyone would wise up and MOVE OUT!  Obviously, the people who settled in NJ where there WAY WAY before it got to be the armpit of America...that's why everywhere you go you run into someone who was smart enough to EVACUATE!!!!!!!!!!!

ggal3133 said...

I have a very good friend who lives in NJ and I will be visiting her this summer, can't wait!