Friday, May 7, 2004

Scalzi's weekend assignment

This weekend's assignment is either the best birthday present you've received or given..

This is an easy one for me!

For my 40th birthday (3 years ago, for those of you counting!) my husband hired a stretch limo and took me to NYC. We stayed at the hotel at the base of the World's Trade Center. Then the limo whisked us off to the theatre where I got to see "Riverdance"!! It was wonderful! (Now, I know several of you are saying "How cheesy!!" but even my husband who HATES theatre really enjoyed it! And, I'm Irish so it's my duty to see it! LOL!!) Afterwards, we took the subway back to our hotel (limo had already left..) and we went to the Sky Bar on top on WTC..Beautiful! Windows on The World was right next door.. Then we met our friends Tom and Ro for dinner at Morton's, The Steakhouse. We had a GREAT time!!

The next day we ate brunch at the hotel and took the train home. It was funny because we left by limo and we had to walk home from the train station!! I left in a beautiful dress and came home in jeans..

This was the best gift I've EVER received for my birthday...My husband went to a lot of trouble to arrange it and then to keep it a secret.

My birthday is in April. That September I watched as the place where I had spent my most memorable birthday crumble to the ground.


janothy said...

Wow!!  Sounds like you had a blast.  What a wonderful husband you have to do such great things for you.  
I have always wanted to see Riverdance.  Unfortunately, I never got the opportunity.  I would like to hear about it sometime.
Those buildings may not be standing, but you have your wonderful memories--those will never disappear, or be taken from you.  Cherish them always.
Have a wonderful weekend!!   -Jan    

ggal3133 said...

What a wonderful bday present. I never got to see the Twin Towers in person so cherish that memory always.

coy1234787 said...

    Great present, thoughtful husband, Lucky girl :-)
                       *** Coy ***