Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Can I get a break here?!

Another long weekend! But it was nice! Herman and I had a nice dinner at Seabra's Armory, the Portuguese place that we like to eat at. Good food, great sangria! LOL! I treated this weekend as "my last supper"...Well, not really last supper but last indulgent meals for awhile.

I've decided that I really need to lose a little weight and start getting in shape. So...I've cut out beer and alcohol (which in itself is a positive thing!) and I'm just gonna watch what I eat. Since I'm really not a sweets eater this shouldn't be difficult. I've decided that I'll watch my carbs (but not eliminate them totally!!) and my fat. This is my downfall..I LOVE FRIED FOOD!! So it's lean meats and salads for this girl! Yesterday I ate a prime rib sandwich (probably not the best choice) for lunch and a serving of Cheerios for dinner. This morning I've had Cheerios, a banana and some turkey wrapped in Swiss cheese. Work is going to be the MOST difficult obstacle..it's a french fry free for all there! I love dipping french fries into 1000 Island dressing. Oh, and the cream of mushroom soup is to die for! I'm really going to have to make an effort to substitute lettuce for fries...and no creamy dressings, either. Balsamic vinaigrette for me. Luckily I really do enjoy salads.

Oh, when my son saw his room he said,"Oh, it's clean..thanks." BOYS!!! The kids had a great time at the paintball range. When we picked them up they were exhausted! They loved riding in the stretch Hummer, too.

The rest of the week/next weekend are lining up to be very busy for me. Massage on Thursday (no complaint here!), Mother's Day flower sale at the high school on Friday (no work!! woo-hoo!), Beringer House 5k walk/run on Saturday(I get to work the finish line!), Mother's Day on Sunday (I plan on sleeping) and Blood Drive on Monday. Oh, and my mother and father-in-law are spending the weekend here. Whew...I'm aleady tired!! Thank God these are all relatively fun events..

Wish me luck at work today...chant it with me now: NO FRENCH FRIES>>NO CREAM OF MUSHROOM SOUP>>SALAD>>SALAD>>


janothy said...

Good Luck on your diet!!!   Jan

tmmiles4 said...

good luck sister!  are gonna just chew on the ice cubes minus the vodka??  You'll be svelt for sure for our cruise!  can't wait!