Monday, May 17, 2004

Now what?? I called my former employer and said "Thanks, but no thanks" and explained that I really struggled with this decision all weekend. Soooo...about an hour later, they call back and practically beg me to come back! They'll pay me $12.50 an hour to start and talk raise at the end of the summer!! NOW WHAT???!!! I told her (the owner's wife) that I really have to think about it some more and I would need to speak to my current manager to see if he'd allow me to work Monday and Wednesday lunches.

I'm so confused at this point...should I go back or not? I used to love the job because it was so diversified but it was stressful..

Ok..I'm gonna think out loud here...It was stressful partially because of what was going on with my girls and partially because the boss was a maniac at times. Now, the girls have calmed down considerably and, according to his wife, he's on medication for his anger management issues.

As far as money goes, I average about $30. a day at the restaurant, which is $120. a week plus about $25. in wages per let's say I make (in a good week) maybe $150-$175 per week. If I go back to work at the old job, I'll make $225 a week for 18 hours ( three 6 hour days) of work. Plus, if I can work a lunch or two, I'll make even more..I'm so not about the money but I really need to be. I hate that.

Argggghhhhhhhh!!!!! What am I gonna do??!!



janothy said...

I trust you will make the right decision--I would consider going back, especially since things have quieted down for you as well as for him.  The job sounds interesting, and if you really enjoyed it, go for it.  Working a few lunches at the restaurant sounds like a good idea.  -Jan

ggal3133 said...

Well if you really did like it there and things for your boss has calmed down I would consider going back. I would let him know though that you will not be put under those kind of work conditions again, in case his "maniac" style reappears. Praying for you.

tmmiles4 said... still hasn't had the balls to "man up" and speak to you himself????  To me that says A LOT! i said originally, HE needs to call you and YOU need to set ground his wife his patsy???  you mentioned that girls have settled that because you aren't as stressed and your around more since you left that job?? hmmmm...too much to think about.........and by the way...WHERE ARE MY PICTURES!!!!!

dymphna103 said...

There making it easy.  Hold out if you can.  Besides why hasnt he called you   john