Saturday, May 1, 2004

A quickie..

Hey all! Two of my children are away in NY this weekend at my sister-in-law's house..Ray has been out with The Boyfriend all day and The Big One (Jackie) is working AND spending time with her boyfriend! Whew! You'd think that Herman and I would be spending LOTS of quality time together but that's simply NOT the case! Well, partially, anyway...He's in the shower getting ready to take me out to dinner..Yay!!!

Spent a majority of the day cleaning my son's hell-hole of a room..It started because I needed to grab all the laundry from his room..Well, it just SNOWBALLED from there! I saw garbabge on the floor, clothes (dirty and clean) shoved into get the picture. Then I opened :::scary music playing::: THE CLOSET, also known as THE GATEWAY TO HELL!! I swear to you that it was piled up 5 1/2 feet high by 4 feet deep!! He had papers from 1st grade in there!! Broken toys, snowboard equipment, old blankets, glass cabinet doors (???) name it, it was in there! Welllllll...I just went BERSERK! I tossed everything outta that closet and on to his bedroom floor! The tally? 8 bags of garbage, 1 bag (so far) of Goodwill clothes,15 pieces of silverware, 4 drinking cups, 2 bowls and 1 exhausted (and pissed...did I say how pissed off I am?!) mother. THE GATEWAY TO HELL is now a clean passage..LOL!!

Another busy week in store...well, kind of busy. I have to sell Mother's Day flowers ar the high school on Friday and try to advertise for our Deacon's May blood drive on Monday May 10th..oh, yeah...and another massage on Thursday!! Wooooohooooo!!

Ok..being "paged" by Herman..he's obviously VERY hungry and ready to leave..

Peace out!

("Boo"...don't tell your brother about his room if you're reading this!!!!)



drgnflyjwls said...

Sounds exactly like my 15 year old's room, Sharon!  Especially the closet "Gateway to Hell"!!  LOL  It's been that way for about 3 years now.  She refuses to let me in there to clean it & I think she's a little old for me to be doing her cleaning ANYWAY!!  Still....makes me wonder what she may be hiding in there.  The curiosity may get the better of me one day soon.

Hope you had a wonderful evening out with your hubby.


sxysweetart said...

Oh, can I ever relate to the closet thing!  The times Shane has cleaned his room, he just crams and shoves it all into the closet, board games with missing pieces, school papers, toys, who knows what else!  Yup it's time for me to get in there with a backhoe and starts cleaning that once again!  ~lila~

dolphinqueen1976 said...

OMG!  That just totally reminded me of my mother.  She used to do the same thing to my brothers when we were little.  Except she would pile everything in the middle of the floor and tell them to clean it, or (this is the best one yet), she took everything from the floor, closet, under the bed and piled it into his car.  He couldn't even get in to drive it.  LOL  I'm sure I'll have to do all that when my son gets older.  Right now he's 4, so I don't have too much to worry about.  Have a good day!  :o)