Friday, May 28, 2004

Been a long time, been a long time...

First, let me offer my sincerest apologies for not posting in over a week...


LOL!! I've been excrutiatingly busy..and aggravated to boot.

I DID take the job after much thoughtful deliberation. I've decided to start on July 6th. They were very happy that I accepted. The restaurant, on the other hand, is not quite as happy. Everyone wants me to stay..and trust me, I'd rather stay there. (That's why I'm not leaving there til the end of June!) I'm off this coming week to take care of....

MY freakin' license! In NJ you need 6 points of ID. If, however, you have changed your name from a marriage, you need to prove how you got from your maiden name that appears of your birth certificate to the name that appears on your driver's license. Easier said than done. My maiden name does not appear on my marriage license to Herman. It has my "pre-marriage surname"..that is, my ex-husband's last name. ARGGGHHH!! Motor Vehicle won't accept my birth certificate because, GET THIS ONE, it has tape on it!! SOOO..I have to go to the town hall in the town that I married my first husband and get my marriage license to him (it has my maiden name on it) and then bring it to the town hall in the city where I was born so that I can get a copy of my birth certificate!! YIKES! Then I can go to Motor Vehicle and renew my photo ID license. This, dear folks, had me so stressed out one day that I couldn't sleep. This shall forever be referred to as "My Identity Crisis"!

Last weekend was spent attending an all day powerlifting event. Our friend Wayne was competing and Herman was judging. So I spent the better part of that day with Wayne's wife Brenda and their 14 month old cutie pie, Monika. "Boo" and I entertained Monika all day. I had a lot of fun. And Wayne got his 700 lb. squat that day so all was good. Later that night wayne and Herman had Mark's bachelor party to attend so I went with Herman down to Wayne's house and Brenda, "Boo" and I went out to dinner and then waited for the guys to return. We got home at 1am so of course, I didn't make it to Church yet again. Sunday I put together a desk for my mom's new computer..a 3 hour project. Herman came over and set up the computer for her. We didn't get done there til 730 pm so we had a rather late dinner that night.

"The Big One" (Jackie) has been atodds with everyone here lately so on Tuesday I told her that she needed to go stay somewhere for a few days til she calmed the hell down. She was arguing over the fact that "Ray" had on a pair of her underwear. There is a constant problem with all my girls "borrowing" (read: TAKING) each others clothes/brushes/make-up/etc. without asking. I've addresses this time and time again but Jackie feels that I should beat the girls when this happens. The fact that they take her stuff and that I do nothing about it (her words) makes me a bad mother who cares nothing for her..Oh pul-leeze! I told her to take herself and her attitude elsewhere until she could express gratitude for the things that we've done for her. Remember, this is the child who is into me for approximately $2500.00 and thinks that we "owe her"..Sheesh! She was just here picking up some clothes so she could continue to stay wherever she's staying. I somehow suspect that she and her boyfriend may have broken up because she left with her girlfriend on Tuesday and showed up with her today. The girlfriend just smiled and waved at me...Not a word from Jackie. We are equally as stubborn, altho I did say hi to her when she walked in...ENOUGH! I'm upsetting myself...

Work was dead this dead that I decided to start my little vacation early by taking today off! LOL!! So I spent the day cleaning the hot tub and planting some flowers that I've had hanging around since Mother's Day! I understand that we're going to go out to dinner with Mark, Heather , "Boo" and "The Boy"..Sounds like fun! Actually Herman and I went out last night for a couple of beers. We ran into the "kids" (ok, they're 25 years old or so but they're kids to me!) I used to work with at the Rock and Roll liquor store so we had a few lemon drop shots with them to celebrate the future employment of one of them. We had a really good time. Then Herman decided that he absolutely had to go and get 12 midnight!! He and I went to the local diner and then home by 1am. Poor guy had to get up for work..he may wanna re-think midnight breakfasts in the future!

Speaking of Herman, he had such a rough week at work this past week. He is a Telecommunications Specialist and LAN Administrator for the world' leading express package company..He's been with them for 20 years now! (This is where I was lucky enough to meet him!) The long and short of the problem is that the home company sent him the wrong software when he encountered this problem (with data) and he spent 3 days at his job trying to fix it. He didn't get home on Wednesday night til nearly 2am!

This weekend Herman, "Boo", "The Boy", Mark, Heather and Wayne are all going to PA for a powerlifting event that Mark and Heather will be competing in! (I just spoke to Heather..she's not even into it because their wedding is 2 weeks away and she's sooo stressed out over the million things that need to be done beforehand!) This mean "Peace and Quiet Weekend" for me!! Yippee! But by tomorrow night I'll be wishing that they were all home! ("Ray" is usually with her boyfriend all weekend.)

One more thing...Lisa and I are hoping to meet for a drink or dinner sometime soon. We live about 40 miles apart and thought it might be fun to actually meet an AOL j-land friend. She mentioned someone else that may want to join us but I have not yet approached this person as I really don't know her well. Here's the thing: If you live in the NJ/Eastern PA/NY area (or somewhere in that area) and you're willing to drive, DO YOU WANNA JOIN US? I think that it wouldbe so much fun if little clusters of us met in diffrent part sof the country. We could take pictures and share with everyone else. Right about now you're all shaking your heads and thinking I'm a nut but I really DO love to meet people..especially all these cool j-landers! LOL!! Anyway...just a thought..

At this point I shall depart..Everyone should be home soon and I'm getting hungry..Have a great weekend everyone! Peace, out!!


sxysweetart said...

First off, I have to say I LOVE your idea about getting together with fellow J-landers.  How cool is that??!!  I know everyone lives from coast to coast, but it could happen! I want to come your way, I want to see NYC!   You have been busy, I don't know how you keep up, I know I couldn't!  LOL  I think your "old" new job will work out well for you, as long as you let them know you won't take any crap or attitude.  Well, you have a great weekend, and I hope you and Lisa can have that drink together soon.  ~lila~  

tmmiles4 said...

ok fill me in, who's "the boy"???  and if the girls don't have jobs to pay for "their" stuff please always remember it's yours and hermans and if they are going to fight over it they can't have it!  even if it is underwear!!  ps.  I'd love to see herman in the girls thongs!!  LOL!!

janothy said...


I was wondering what happened to you!  Sounds like you had a busy time!  

I am glad you finally made a decision about your job.  It sounds like you are going to be really missed.

I think it is a cool idea for fellow J-Landers to get together and actually meet.  Unfortunately, I live in the midwest-meaning KS- so I would more than likely have to drive several hours to meet my online friends.  There are a few I would really like to get together with, I think we would have so much fun!


ggal3133 said...

Welcome back :)
I'm glad that you got your job issue straightened out, I'm sure that will make you feel alot better!