Sunday, May 16, 2004

Homework Assignment

Gonna do this one quickly...Scalzi wanted to know if we had any brushes with celebrities..

1) Michael Jackson and his entire family..Went to see "The Wiz" in NYC when I was about 11 or 12...The ENTIRE Jackson Family was in the audience. My sister got a kiss from Michael, whilst I got an autograph from Randy.

2) Kenny G once spit on me! LOL! Ok...not on purpose, but when I saw him at The Bottom Line (NYC again) his spit hit me while he was playing his saw...His song "Songbird", is our wedding song. My choice, not Herman's....LOL!

3) Jack older comedian. Once shared an airplane ride with him.

4) Dick O'Neill..ok, I know that you KNOW this guy..He was Cagney's dad in "Cagney and Lacey"...also a character actor who was in many, many movies. dad went to group therapy with his wife. So, one year we went to CA and we had a barbeque at his house! I still have the pictures! He made us burgers!

I think that's it..If I think of any more, I'll add to the list...too tired to think.

BUSY our new bedroom furniture this weekend..OMG! It's beautiful! I'll take pictures! (Yeah,,ummm...right after I do the "before" pictures I promised..ugh..) The past week has been so hectic and CRAZY that I have yet to take a breather!!I kinda blew the "new me" attitude the past few days...I'll get right back on it tomorrow...Right after I call my old job (the one I was asked to come back to) and say "Thanks for asking, but I really do need to decline.."  That's "NO" if you weren't paying attention!! LOL...

The biggest problem with going back is that I'd be working in a small office by myself...can't do it. I need to be around people..lots and LOTS of people.

Ohhh..."Boo" and I went to Heather's bridal shower today...Had a nice time. Herman thinks that you have a "good" time at these affairs..(Ok..Herman's idea of a good time is FOOD, and lots of it!)...I tried to explain that this was an "obligation"...not a "good time"..Yes, you can have a "nice time" at these things but never really a "good time"...know what I mean? And if you click on the provided link, yes..that is our friend..the one I refer to as the one that will kick my ass!! She really is a doll, tho..It took me a long time to warm up to her, but it was because she is very shy. She really is a doll...She's become a good friend..

Anyway..I'm BEAT...gonna go curl up to Herman (God, I LOVE that man!!) and tell him how much I love him...and how much I missed him today...(Dar, are you puking yet?!)..Can't wait til morning so that I can call the old employer and decline his invitation to return..Thanks to ALL of you who said that I should follow my heart...I DID!! THANKS!


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ggal3133 said...

You had some cool celebrity encounters!
Yah your bedroom furniture arrived! It's always fun to have new stuff in your house.