Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I know, I know..

Ok..I know that I said that I would post pictures but I have yet to have a moment to myself since last Thurday!! LOL! Friday was flower sale at high school (went well!) Saturday was the Beringer House 5k Run/Walk Race (had a good time!) Sunday was SUPPOSED  to be a quiet day but ALL my in laws showed up (I NEED A BREAK!!) Monday was Blood Drive at Church from 2pm til 9pm (we collected 20 opints of blood) today was work, therapy (at 445p) and Deacon meeting (at 710pm)...AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!

Herman has the whole week off! He's gotta get my bedroom ready for my new furniture! We're (read: HE'S) painting my room a nice Sage Green an I think he's going to try to get a carpet remnant for my floor. (The old carpet is SHOT.) It was nice to have yesterday morning with him...altho my mother and father-in-law were still here..but they left by 1130am..

Jackie (The Big One) got fired from her job because she called out sick on Mother's Day. Now she wants to come back to work where I am..NO WAY! Her health is always so fragile she'll wind up being out sick alot..

OK...I have been asked to marinate the chicken before I head off to therapist..I will try and get those pics ASAP..ANd I'm beginning to see a difference in my body already!! Woooo-hoooo!



grodygeek said...

Ugh. Children that can't keep jobs. Grrr.


tmmiles4 said...

PICTURES!  skip the s*x JUST once and take the flippin' pictures instead!  LOL!!

sxysweetart said...

I apoligize for not being by latley, the alerts are not working it seems, so I am going through journals one by one checking for updates...its a pain lol!  Sounds like you have been very busy as usual.  Yay for you on getting new furniture, and I love the sage green color.  My living room couch and chair are in that color, that was the last new furniture I got last year.  And I have to make them last cause I can't afford any more!  ~lila~