Thursday, January 8, 2004

A pet peeve..

Sorry...I woke up on the wrong side of the bed..and late, to boot!

My husband wakes up at 650am every morning to wake up our 12 year old son. My son is usually pretty good about waking up but once he's downstairs, he can often be found cuddled up under a blanket on top of the heat vent! So begins my morning.."Son! Did you eat? Are you dressed? You're gonna miss the bus!!", my husband yells...several times between 710am and 725am..(The bus comes at 733am). My husband gets out of bed shortly after my son gets on the bus..Now starts the screaming up the stairs for the 2 high school-aged girls to get up...Except they NEVER get up on the first scream. No, it takes a good long time for them to get up. They have to leave at 810am. The next door neighbor drives 3 days and I drive 2 days. Well, JUST yesterday I was saying (complaining) to my husband that he really shouldn't be waking them up, that they should have an alarm clock and we (he) should only be a last bell kinda thing. He totally disagreed, stating that we are their parents and we are ultimately responsible for everything in their lives, including getting up on time. I pursued it further, but he stood firm. today I woke up in time to hear my son leave. My husband "claims" that he set the alarm for 800am as it's my day to drive the kids...I heard him yell up the stairs several times for the girls to get up and even heard him go upstairs to toss their butts out of bed. So why is it that I woke up sans alarm clock at 840am?! I guess the next door neighbor took her kids when I didn't show up at their front door..

Thanks for listening...and BTW...I'm hitting Target right after work to buy 3 alarm clocks..That'll show ALL of them! LOL!

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