Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Yikes! I've been terrible at updating! Let's see...where was I?!

OK..paranormal investigators were here Saturday night. Turns out my "ghost in the picture" is actually a deformed picture! Oh, well...They brought infra-red video baby monitors....That was cool! They had "Boo" (isn't her name appropriate?!) sit in her bedroom in the dark under surveillance of the video monitor. Well....the orbs were flying around her room!! (Orba are supposed spirit energy.) All in all we had a great time with the investigators. Right now there is a webcam pointed at me to monitor our basement for "visitors". This is another reason why I haven't updated...I don't have access to MY computer and I have to use the kids slower computer. Yuck.

Busy busy day at work. But fun! After work I had "Deacon Duty" and serving of baked ziti at a local battered women's shelter. Came home to discover that no one had made dinner...Soooooo, I made dinner so that I wouldn't have to throw away the pork chops. Arghhhh!

Yesterday I had a "day off" from work. Sooo...what did I do? I'm gonna tell you! Sunday we had rain/sleet/snow...basically what you'd call "a MESS"..My husband kept up with the shoveling all damn day. At 10pm the DPW came down the street with the snow plow and threw all the slush from the road onto MY SIDEWALK!!! I have about 60 feet of sidewalk in front of my it was a mess. We were going to leave it until the police came down our street and haned out "reminders" that according to local laws, we were in violation of snow removal.  <sigh> I broke my back removing all of it. Threw some salt down and started chipping away. Oh's done. My husband coldn't do it because by the time he would have gotten home, the temperature would have been 10 degrees...nothing's melting in that!

Anyway..I'm here and I've been reading your journals..can't wait to get my computer back!

Have a great one!


tmmiles4 said...

quit your whining and come to FLA where it is WARM (65) and sunny (as usual)

auntyeeyee622 said...

Love your journal!!!!

sxysweetart said...

I get so mad at the plows here when they clog up the end of my driveway after I cleaned it. We have been lucky this year, not much snow, just bitter cold. I love reading about the "guests" in your house. I'm not sure how I would react to it all!!