Saturday, January 10, 2004

Hold me back...!!! ( AKA "The In Laws Are Here")

(This story told to you as I hide in my basement whilst they all watch a movie..)

Ok, soooo..This is pretty much the only thing that I DO NOT like about my in-laws..They are total NEAT FREAKS. True story: When I decided to take this past summer off so that I could babysit my teen aged children, my mother in-laws reply was, "Oh maybe you can do something around the house." <Gritting my teeth as I tell this story.>

So, tonight we hosted my sister in-law, my mother and father in-law, my niece and my nephew. (My sister in-law's husband and my other nephew couldn't make it due to a hockey game that my nephew had to play.) We were sitting at the dinner table after finishing a lovely dinner that included garlic shrimp in rice, ribeye steak, pasta, king crab legs, etc...My sister in-law says to me, "Have you seen your daughter's room?" to which I reply, "Now why the hell would I wanna go and upset myself like that?!" "Well, I don't know what your standards are but it's a disaster up there!" I just laugh it off, but go upstairs to see what she meant by "disaster area". Apparently "disaster area" is a relative term and subject to interpretation! Mind you, I've owned this house for 4 years and have only ventured upstairs MAYBE 10 times. My husband can't understand why. "Self preservation and the distinct probability that some child may die if I DO go up there", I tell him on occasion. So, the room is not in all that great of shape, but hey! They're 14 1/2 and 16 years old. I do not expect to walk into a showplace, for pete's sake!

I came back downstairs and asked her if she'd like to see MY room. She passed. She knows better.

What pisses me off is that of course her house is ALWAYS clean. She and her husband own their own business and she works in her own home. Oh, yeah...and the little fact that she has a cleaning person that comes 5 days a week.  I think that explains a bit, doesn't it?!

Trust house is no sty..But I do worry about more important things in my life other than "is my house clean enough for my in-laws approval?". For me, enjoying life and living it in a messy home is more fun than stressing out over getting the bathroom floor clean enough to eat off of.

'Nuff said..


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Thanks Julie! Do you have a journal? Let me know! Sharon

grodygeek said...

Children do need to learn to clean their own room sometime. I think you are doing the right thing. If it looks like hell, make sure the door stays closed. Sometimes use it as incentive, you can got to Janie's as soon as I can see all of your FLOOR. I'm sure your house is fine. You married your husband and if he lives with it (or doesn't clean it himself) then ignore the OUT-laws. Gordy