Thursday, January 22, 2004

My freak cutting board accident..

Don't's not what you think..all my parts are intact! LOL!!

Today at work I was filling the salad station up when I leaned against the cutting board that is semi-secured into it. Well, I must have freed it from it's location because it popped up and slammed me smack in my knee! I was laughing from embarassment but when everything settled down, I realized that I REALLY did hurt myself. I pulled my pants leg up to find a completely blue and swollen knee! I was shocked! I began limping around (thank God this was at the end of my shift!) and moaning in pain. (Ok, ok...I threw the "moaning in pain" thing in for dramatic effect...SOR-RY!!)..Decided to go to hospital to get it checked out..the dr. said he was concerned that I might have broken my knee cap (doesn't that only happen in mob movies?!) and sends me for Xrays...To make a long story short, no...not broken...just very badly bruised. Can't work for a few I'll take tomorrow off...I hate to, but I really should. I do alot of running up and down stairs.'s been a long day so I'm gonna go for now...I'm off tomorrow so I'll be catchingup on all my journal reading...just don't tell my boss that I have to go up and down stairs to do so!! LOL!!! So long and g'night!!


sxysweetart said...

Oh that sounds so painfull. I fell on my knee while ice skating years ago, and it hurt for a long time. Hope it gets better soon.

tmmiles4 said...

if i didn't know you better I'd be somewhat sympathetic.......spaz!

sxykokogrl said...

yea , nice job mom - boo