Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Of ginseng, "Inga" and a fishy couch..

I recently started taking ginseng to pick up my energy. I thought that it would take a few weeks for it to reach it's full effect. Apparently, it doesn't. Not for me, anyway. Friday, I decided to wear my new shirt to work. It's a little snug so I decided to capitalize on it. I pulled my hair into a braid and danced around the restaurant declaring, (in a Swedish accent) " Hello! My name is Inga!". Well...the sight of this 42 year old woman prancing around is not pretty. But do I care? NO! Did people tip me extra? NO! Most importantly...did I have fun? DAMN STRAIGHT! I crack myself up on a regular basis. I keep me sane!

As for the fishy leather supposed to smell of fish oil?! Didn't think so. My husband tells me, "Oh,'s only the leather couch! It's supposed to smell like that.", it's NOT. I have plenty of leather in my house (shoes, purses, whips..ooops! too much info! LOL) and not one of them smells of fish oil. So, snuggling on THAT couch.

On a more somber note: We here in the Northeast are expecting 4-6 inches of the white stuff (sorry...can't bring myself to say it) and windchills in the minus degrees. Anyone for blackberry brandy shots?

Funniest thing I've heard today: Child# 2 and I were watching the rose ceremony of "The Bachelorette" (a guilty pleasure) when, upon the giving of the last rose, she asked, "Mommy, is that a dead frog?!" I LMAO!! It was a white rose and she thought it looked like an upside down dead frog! Ah, from the mouths of babes!


tmmiles4 said...

down here in sunny;)FLA it's a balmy 70 degrees!!! and not the faintest bit of fish smell in the air! the windows are all open and we have a cool breeze blowing in off the gulf..........tell Inga..... Rachel (mtv) wants her number!

sxysweetart said...

I'm off to get some ginseng! LOL Too funny! Thats weird about your couch, never heard of that either. :-) *lila*

redhdka said...

I dance around and amuse myself too. It's fun and no thank you on the blackberry brandy, i drank too much of it once when I was a teenager and i got really sick from it i can just close my eyes and taste is now and the memory is gross! Stay warm!