Tuesday, June 29, 2004

OK..is this an omen or what?!

My day thus far:

Worked..It was reallly slow..I was supposed to be 1st out because I have therapy on every other Tuesday BUT one guy that I worked with pissed and moaned that he shouldn't have to stay because he had to work a double on Wednesday..don't know how that applied to today but OH WELL...I told him to go home. Got 3 tables right after he left and made another $26!!

Therapy...Told my therapist about the email from the paranormal researcher..Was leaving her office, saying "Well...I need to decided wheter or not I;m going to join them.." With that , I told her that I smelled the scent of a Christmas tree! She said that was really strange..I pressed her for info and she told me that the office (which is actually a really old house) is haunted by a little girl who smells like a Christmas tree! And my therapist did not smeel the pine scent in the air!! VERY ODD...an omen that i should perhaps take the offer seriously?!

Dinner..Herman and I went to Stop and Shop to pick up some steaks for dinner but when we saw the price, decided that we'd just as soon go to Charlie Brown's for dinner because I had a $20 coupon..We get there and my "new" old boss, Keith, is there. I go to say hi and chat for a few minutes and tell him that I'll see him on Tuesday..He picked up our check!!! Then I'm telling Herman that I was pouring a beer for a customer (for the bartender who was on a cigarette break) and that the keg kicked it and I had to have someone change it..Well, as I told him that story, our waitress comes over adnd says, " the keg just kicked..it will only be a minute for them to cahnge it.." Strange, huh??!!

Mega Millions, here I come!!


cafeteome said...

And my spelling is awful on this entry!! LOL!!

janothy said...

That is definitely an omen!!   -Jan

jgalarza870 said...

Sounds like everything is happening for a reaons to ya girl! I'm glad I stopped by!!...I put you on my alerts...I like the way you write about things...good luck with the hobby...sounds like you'll have a nack for it, huh?..;)