Sunday, June 13, 2004

Wedding Weekend Mania!!

Whew! What a weekend it's been! I bought my son a suit on Thursday to wear to the wedding...and they left the security tag in it. So back to Sears on Friday (after working all day) and then to Mark and Heather's rehearsal dinner. We had a great time! It was held at the Italian restaurant "The Tomato Factory" that their good friend Frank owns. Got up early (me) Saturday morning so that I could go for new officer training at Church..That was from 9am until 11am. Tried to get some sleep when I got home but that wasn't gonna happen.."Mom, can I...?" " and so is on the phone..." "Mom, so and so is at the door for you..."..well, you get the picture. God forbid you should try and nap on a Saturday afternoon!! So, up I got and started cleaning up the house.

The marriage ceremony was nice.."Boo" did the video taping for them as they had not hired a videographer..Their friend Kyle had nowhere to go between the ceremony and the reception so we took him home with us. (We live 2 blocks from the church that they were married at.) McDonald's, food shopping occupied the rest of the afternoon. Soon enought it was time to head to the reception...Wayne and Brenda drove us there..Bren was the "designated driver"! The reception was BEAUTIFUL! We had such a great time!! They had a wonderful "Chicken Dance", no "Macarena" no "Elcetric Slide"!! Yahhhooo!!Instead, Big Band, Frank Sinatra...very cool stuff! (I love to dance to Big Band swing can you not?!) Home at 1am..Kyle, once again, came home with us...and not in too good of shape, either. (Kyle is a 19 year old powerlifter who wieghs close to 280-300 pounds...He slept in my son's room. All night long I was afraid that Kyle would wake up and step on my poor son, killing him...Luckily, Kyle slept thru the night..)

No Church for me today..Instead, I slept realllly late and then we all (me, Herman, my son, "Boo", Kyle, Wayne and Brenda and their daughter Monika) went to Mark's parent's home for an "after the wedding" party. Had a great time once again!

Got home just in time for the season premier of "Six Feet Under"...and now I'm TOTALLY exhausted! LOL...wonder why?! Off tomorrow but I think Jackie and I are taking a ride down the shore to see my girlfriend and her son..Man, I sooooo need a day off! LOL!

This girl bids everyone a good evening...Peace!

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sxysweetart said...

I love big band music too, it's nice to hear someone else besides me is a fan!  Sounds like you had a good time this weekend.  Hope you get that day to just enjoy some r & r!  ~lila~