Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Stuff and nonsense

I borrowed this from Lila's journal..looked like fun..


Have you ever...

1)  Got so drunk you blacked out? 
2)  Missed school, because it was raining? 

3)  Put a body part on fire for amusement?
  No..that's just CRAZY !

4)  Been hurt emotionally?
  Oh friends, lovers and family

5)  Kept a secret from everyone?
  Sure I have!

6)  Had an imaginary friend?
  When I was about 4-5 years old I had an imaginary friend named Glenn..he was actually a 2nd cousin that I had only met once but had made quite an impression on me. My mom says that I used to make her set a place for him at the dinner table!

7)  Cried during a movie?
  All the damn time!   

8)  Had a crush on a teacher?

10)  Had a new kids on the block tape?
  Uh-uh...they were much younger than me  

11)  Been on stage?
  Oh yeah..2 years of summer stock theatre camp (Hampton Playhouse in NH)  

12)  Cut your own hair?
 Yep...mine, my sister's and my ex-husband's! LOL..and it wasn't pretty!   

>-----Favorites--------------------- > >  

1)  Shampoo?
  Whatever is on sale...right now it's Pantene   

2)  Color?
  Sage green   

3)  TV show? 
  Six Feet Under 

4)  Store?
  Hmmm...difficult question...I guess Kohl's      

5)  Summer/Winter?

6)  Cartoon Character? 
  SpongeBob SquarePants

7)  Food?
  Applebee's Nachos (for the moment)  

8)  Commercial?
  I LOVE the Citibank (or CitiFinancial) Identity Theft Solutions commercial where there is an Asian dental hygenist who had her identity stolen by a guy named Larry who then had his "chassis waxed..OUCH! Stand back ladies, there's enough Larry for everyone!" Cracks me up every time I see it!!

9)  Movie?
   Oh man..I have to pick just one?! I'd have to say  "Almost Famous" followed by "The Nightmare Before Christmas" ..I'd better stop...did I mention "West Side Story"?

10) Holiday?
  Definately Thanksgiving 

11)  Non-Alcoholic drink?

12)  Alcoholic Drink?
 Vodka & tonic and beer


1)  What are you wearing?
  Jean capri pants and a white scoop neck tee  

2)  How are you feeling?
  Wired...worked all day and then had to go serve dinner at the battered women's shelter...and trying to catch up with the laundry 

3)  Eating?
  Just finished a macadamia nut cookie

4)  Drinking?
  MGD Light beer

5)  Thinking about?
  What to do about my oldest daughter Jackie who wound up back in the hospital last night...afraid that she may have used again... 

6)  Listening to?
  Led Zeppelin on AOL radio 

7)  Talking to?
  No one...I can't type and talk at the same time, never mind chew gum and walk at the same time! LOL!!   

------------In The Last 24 Hours-----  

1)  Cried? 
  Yes...angry tears

2) Worn a skirt?

3) Met someone new?
  Since I waitress, yes...I suppose I did meet someone new tooday!  
4)  Done laundry? the process as we speak!

5) Driven a car?

-------Do you believe in------  

1)  Yourself?

2)  Your Friends? 

3)  Santa Clause?
  I'd have to copy Lila and say yes, in the spirit of Santa! 

4)  Tooth fairy?
    Let's not push it! (NO)

5)  Destiny/Fate? 
  For sure! 

6)  Angels?
  Maybe not exactly "angels" but someone who watched over me      

7)  God? 

-------Friends, Family, and Life---------  

1)  Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  A husband 

2)  Do you love anyone? 
  Herman, my children, my family and alot of friends.. 

3)  Who is the loudest?
  That'd be "Boo"!    

4)  Who is the shyest?
  Hmmm...I don't think that any one of us could be labeled "shy"    

5)  Who's the weirdest? 
 Trust me on this's ME!   

6)  Who do you go to for advice? 
  Herman (husband) 

7)  Over what have you cried the most?
  When my grandparents died...especially my Gram.  

8)  What is the best feeling in the world?
   Knowing that Herman loves me!

9)  Worst feeling?


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sxysweetart said...

This has been fun reading everyone's answers, glad you did it too!  
Sorry to hear your daughter is in the hospital again. (((sharon)))