Monday, June 7, 2004

Spent time with my husband

Friday Herman and I decided to go to to Pt.Pleasant Beach. We had a lot of fun! We got there around noon or so and proceeded to eat our way thru the boardwalk! LOL! We started off with a sausage sandwich from Martell's . Then we walked up and down the boardwalk for a bit. When we got back up to the Martell's end, the Fun House had just opened so we ventured in. Then back to Martell's to the Tiki Bar where we had something to drink and I ate some great steamers (clams) while Herman feasted on a pound of snow crab legs. Then back down the boardwalk to play some miniature golf. I totally SUCK at this so I stopped keeping score after the 8th hole! LOL!!

We left the boardwalk to go have a very early dinner (it was only 3:15pm) at The Lobster Shanty but they weren't open til 5pm. So we went next door to their sister restaurant, The Wharfside. It was packed with early-bird-special-seeking folk. We decided to have a beer and a shrimp cocktail and head on back home for dinner. the time we got home we were both so full that we didn't even entertain the thought of dinner til about 8pm! So I just had a California roll from our local sushi parlor and Herman bought himself a lobster from the store. All in all, a great day!

This past weekend we pretty much just hung out, watched some TV and cleaned up around the house. It was a quiet weekend...FOR ONCE! Anyone catch the season finale of Sopranos? Not that great...Can't wait for Six Feet Under to start their season. Love that show!

Well...that's all I have for now..Herman's coming home for lunch so I should starighten up a bit..Back to work tomorrow for me..I really enjoyed my week off altho it did go by quickly. ::sigh::



emfeasel said...

Oh Boy....because of you I now have the TIKI BAR cam runnin'....tee hee....I have been's too fun!


dymphna103 said...

Wow Martells looks like a great place to eat.  I am bad at min. golf also.   john  

sxysweetart said...

You and hubby seem to really enjoy each others company, I love to see that.  I clicked on the link to Martells, what an awsome place, I wanna go!!!  I looked at the differant virtual sceans of the bars and I really like the "beach bar", thats my kind of place.  But I noticed there are !palm trees! outside in the sand, how do you grow palms in NJ!!  Just wondering....mabey it doesn't get as cold there as it does here in the winter.  I have pics now in my journal Sharon, come see when you get the chance!!  ~lila~