Thursday, July 1, 2004

I said YES!

Well, I made my decision today re: joining the ghost research team....And my decision was to say YES! I can't wait to get started! Since there are no requirements as far as the amount of time I must contribute, I thought that this might be the perfect "hobby" for me.

It's been really quiet here, what with Boo and The Boy gone all week long. I was kinda bored today. I took today and tomorrow off so that i could have a fresh start on Tuesday..Today I did a market research panel discussion about ADHD drugs and advertising. Interesting. The best part was the $100 pay, tho! I'm telling you, if you have a market research panel near you, have them add your name to their list. They call me every few months. I don't always qualify, but when I do, it's nice money! Today's panel discussion was 1 1/2 hours long. Not bad.

We're going to pick up Boo and The Boy tomorrow night...not looking forward to sitting in "heading to the mountains" traffic going and "going to the shore" traffic on the way back. UGHhhhhhh...

Well...not too much going on here..Herman and I are gonna go out (when he comes back from the gym, that is) for a beer or two, maybe some food...a kind of "last fling" before the young'uns come back home...Peace!


sxysweetart said...

I hope you have some interesting encounters with the research team!  I'm glad you decieded to it.  
Enjoy your night out with hubby.  And have a wonderful Fourth of July!  ~lila~

brimasta1 said...

Thats sounds so cool. I have a bunch of books on Haunting's here in Leesburg, VA. Very cool stuff.