Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Took a break...

Let's see...when last I wrote I was afraid that Jackie used. It appears as tho I may be wrong about that. She did another stint in the CCU for elevated blood sugar..Was very sick. As she gets older, she gets sick more easily and recovers at a very slow rate. Diabetes sucks.

This is my last full week at The Cornerstone..Next week I plan on working Tuesday and Wednesday and taking off Thursday and Friday. I think that we're (me, Boo and my mom) are gonna try to head to the city and go to MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) and maybe head down to the Village.

Yesterday was Boo's 15th birthday..Took her to get her belly button pierced. (I know...bad parenting.) I myself only have my ears pierced (ONCE!) and have no tattoos or other body piercings. HOWEVER! If I had a nice belly, I might want a belly button piercing, too! But that's it...I'm pretty anti-piercing/tattoing. Anyway...we took her out for a Japanese hibachi dinner last night to celebrate.

The Boy is in upstate NY visiting Herman's sister and her family. He's close to his cousin Mike. They're the same age so they get along really well. The girls are home. Ray got a job as a hostess at The Cornerstone, starting next week. She really needs to start making some pocket money for herself. Boo is going down to Dar's in July...gotta make those arrangements THIS WEEK. She's afraid to fly alone this year, what with the threat of attacks being high this summer. Can't say that I blame her...but life has to go on. Jackie starts her new job next week...can I get an Allelujah?! AMEN!!

Had a nice weekend...Saturday was kind of quiet. My mother and father in law came down for Boo's birthday so we took the out to The Steak and Ale for dinner. Then we stopped by The Cornerstone to listen to the music and dance. I only wanted to stay for 1 drink but we wound up there for 2 hours! Herman and I did alot of dancing. Gisella (the day hostess and owner's wife) showed up so she sat with us. I tried to get her to dance but she wouldn't. Her 40th birthday is coming up in July so a few of us are going to take her out. She wants a wild time, she claims. Hmmm..I may be just the person to show her a wild time! LOL!! She ALSO wants to see naked male dancers..not too sure if I can make THAT happen! But I will try!

Sunday we had a birthday party/ Father's Day barbeque...it was the most gorgeous day! Bright blue skies, not too hot or cool..perfect! Of course, as usual, we made way too much food...Jerk shrimp, ribs, steak, burgers and hot dogs...some salads, fruit....SOOOO many leftovers!

Well...that's about it..I've been pretty lax about updating lately..but I HAVE been reading everyone's journals, keeping abreast of all the latest dramas, trials and tribulations..I haven't left too many cooments, either...No reason...just not too much to say..LOL...Ok, I'm outta here....Peace!


janothy said...

Glad to see you back.  Hope all is well with your daughter.  Diabetes is a horrible disease!  My mother suffered from it.  


sxysweetart said...

I'm glad your back!  Figured you had alot going on.  Hope your daughter feels better.  I had to click on the link to the cafe, and wow, what a nice place, no wonder you enjoy working there.  
Enjoy you visit to the museum, that sounds like a great way to spend the day.  Your a cool mom to let your daughter get her navel pierced, but all I can say is OUCH!  Only pierced ears for me too, and I never wear earrings anymore.  You could send some of those leftovers this way, what a feast!!  ~lila~

hillareeday said...

Glad you're back!It has been a busy time for me too. Sounds like you have been having lots of fun too.

kfranks802 said...

Hey! I'm awfully glad to hear that I'm not the only parent who lets their kids do stuff... My daughter is 14 I let her get a tattoo on her ankle... IT WAS TO BE SMALL! The one she picked out was a dolphin jumping out of a wave imagine my SURPRISE when it went half way up her calf... Then she begged me to let her get the belly button pierced. She has the flat tummy and very dainty. I thought it would look cute with a little jewel in it... guess what??? She picked out the ugliest, biggest belly button ring she could find... I like to think that I'm letting her express herself... What's next?