Thursday, June 3, 2004

The "identity crisis" is over!! crisis of sorts is now over! I went to Seaside Park on Tuesday and picked up my marriage license to my first husband and then drove up to Elizabeth (the city I was born in) and tried to get my birth certificate. I say "tried" because when the woman checked the books, my birth was NOT recorded!! Sooo...she took down the info and called Trenton the next day to see if they had a record of my birth....and THANK GOD, they did! So back up to Elizabeth on Wednesday to get my birth certificate. (You may be wondering, "what's the big deal?" but Elizabeth is one the top ten list of places to get car-jacked...not the best place for a woman to be by herself..) Then quickly to motor vehicle and TA-DA!! I now am the proud owner of a digitalized driver's license!! Woooo hoooo!

Today I attended my 8 year old nephew's Spanish assembly (they performed a cute skit in Spanish!) and then to lunch with my friend Deb. I never get to see Deb any more as she works 3 days a week and we all know how damn busy I can get sometimes! It was great to hang out and talk to her..been a long time.

Herman is taking tomorrow off so that we can do something together, like maybe go to the beach...We'll see. I love being able to spend time with just kids. It's nice to get up and have coffee together on the deck and talk about our day's plans..I told him that I want to do something  that doesn't involve the cleaning or caring for of ANYTHING...Just wanna do something fun....(get your minds outta the gutter!! LOL!!)

"Boo" and "The Boy" have been home sick the past 2 days. She has a pain in her side (not appendix related) and he has a really bad Spring cold complete with cough. Jackie is still out of the house...haven't heard a peep from her altho "Ray" did speak to her last night.

Well...I haven't even thought about dinner yet so I really should thrown something together soon..



sxysweetart said...

Now you know who you are!  LOL  I hope you and hubby can find something fun to do, I'm sure you'll think of something...the beach sounds great!  Today was the last day of school here, and wouldn't you know it, Shane has a sore throat, so he's bummed he won't be doing any swimming tomorrow.  Have a fun day tomorrow, and a great weekend!

janothy said...

It is always wonderful to spend quality time with your hubbie without kids around.  Have some fun, go crazy!!

Enjoy your day,

hillareeday said...

Have fun at the beach! I am landlocked in the middle of the country, so the thought of going to a beach sounds like a real treat! I can only imagine what it must be like to wake up one morning and decide at a moment's notice to spend the day at the beach! Ahh, what a wonderful gift from nature you have!!