Monday, January 2, 2006


Happy New Year, all!!

Jason continues to make small (minute) progress daily. When we saw him on Saturday, he spoke and recognized people. When we went back on Sunday, he wouldn't speak. He was sleeping while appearing to be awake. Very strange...very scary. The neurosurgeon explained to Mo (Herman's sister) that it would take 6 months to a year for recovery. He has a traumatic brain injury to his frontal lobe.'s so awful watching this...1 step forward, 2 steps back.

He has such a long road ahead of him.

We just want him to be better...

..instant gratification.

Makes you really think about your brain and how little we know about it..

This accident has really put alot of things into perspective for me..

Like Sears and the technician who never showed..

Who give a shi*??

I gave up that battle.

I cannot imagine how I would feel if my child was in Jason's place..I know that I would cope on the outside ..

...and die on the inside.

Please hold this child and his family in your prayers.



whizgem said...

Hi SHARON...I am so sorry to hear some (not good) news, with you, as I tried to catch up here in the J-land.  My prayers goes to Jason for a strong will power, strength and speedy recovery.......and to his family and his significant others for courage and comfort as they go through this journey (with Jason's recovery).  May God's Love continue to pour down to everyone.  Take care...CHOY:-)

brimasta1 said...

Sorry to hear about all this Sharon. I hope things get better.