Friday, December 30, 2005

A Jason update

Tuesday night Jason had a blood clot removed from his brain. The blood clot was causing a great deal of brain swelling so this was a good move. Once the clot was removed, Jason's brain began to go back to normal. Yay!!!!

Thursday evening Jason ripped his breathing tube from his mouth/lungs and began to curse up a storm! But he was breathing on his own, more coherent...a wonderful thing!

Today (Friday) Jason had surgery on his left arm. They took a large piece of his thigh and buttock for a skin graph. (I won't go into detail BUT his left arm is in such bad shape that he will have several, if not many, surgeries to repair it.) He's a little slow with his speech but he remembers everyone. This is soooo wonderful!!! Also, his hip and pelvis will not require surgery as first thought. Yay Jason!!

Tomorrow we will go and see him again..I can't wait!! Everyday is more good news and more blessings!! Please hold Jason and everyone on that unit in your prayers. There are more heart-wrenching stories on that Trauma ICU than a heart can bear. A 18 year old boy in a coma from being hit by a drunk driver; a 26 year old father of 5 paralyzed from the neck down from a car accident; a 32 year old man with a brain just goes on and on. These families have all become close, checking in on the progress of everyone in that unit day by day. Rejoicing when it's good news, comforting each other when it's bad news. It breaks your heart...

Anyway..I hope that everyone has a safe, happy and healthy New Year..


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