Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thanks Brian!

Just want to pimp the fact that Brian over at Becoming a Firefighter made up his list of 5 weird things about him! Go on over and check out his blog!

Jason update: On Tuesday they moved Jason to a rehab facility. Yay!! He's in a great deal of pain due to the fracture in his back and the broken pelvis and hip. Mentally, he's not all there but they're working on it. It was great to see him yesterday! His dad, George, is in the hospital right down the road from Jason. He checked himself in after getting dehydrated from his radiation treatments. (He couldn't eat or drink anything because they did radiation on his neck and throat.) He's getting fluids and is doing much better. He'll be there til Tueday. Friday he finds out when he'll have surgery to remove the tumor from his neck.

Anthony update: If you remember, Anthony is the 15 year old who has osteosarcoma in his leg. He had 2 recent surgeries to remove spots from his both lungs. He's doing well. The most recent surgery was Friday. His dad reported that instead of the 2 spots they saw in the CAT scan, there were actually 12!! But they were able to remove them, thankfully. Keep this family in your prayers.

Darlene: Well, my girl had gone and done it! I'm waiting to hear from her. She was supposed to have sold her house and moved 3 hours away!! She got herself a job!! This necessitated the move, as a 6 hour per day commute wouldn't work! GOOD LUCK DAR!! (I'm still waiting to hear from her tho...gotta find out if this actually went down this way!)

Jackie: My dear daughter has decided to stay in AZ after she graduates from WINRs!! I'm (we're) all sooooo proud of all the great progress she's made! She really has changed herself, in a positive way. Words cannot describe how proud of her we all are! She'll come home for a week or so after she graduates (my parents are planning on going out for this!) and then she heads back to a brand new life! She's excited about this. She'll get her own apartment. My dad will ship her car out to her. She's training to be athe manager of the restaurant that she's currently working at. All very exciting things! We'll all (us, my sister, my parents) take turns going out to visit her..she'll probably never go more than 4-5 months without a visit from someone. Anyway...we're so thrilled by this decision...can you tell?!

That's it for now...gotta get to the food store befre my poor children starves!


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