Wednesday, January 25, 2006

John's band and the fire

Well, the fire that burned The Oddessy's practice location made the local newspaper yesterday! They also made the local cable news last night! Hopefully, some music store (Sam Ash, Lou Rose) will offer to sell them new equipment at cost or at least with no finance charges.

I heard from Jackie last night and this morning. She is in the hospital...blood sugar was 500+ and not coming down. So, 2 days in ICU with an insulin drip and she's feeling better. Except that she's being accused of having an "affair" with another girls in the program, which is grounds for removal!! She's not..and I think that it's very unfair to make false accusations just because the other girl is a lesbian and Jackie is a good friend of hers. This poor girl! Just imagine being accused of numerous "affairs" just because you're a lesbian and live with all women!! Jackie will find out what's going to happen to her once she gets out of the hospital.

Ok...that's it for now! Peace!

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