Monday, January 31, 2005

Not much to report..

Not a whole helluvalot going on here. Was sick with a virus for a few days last week. Ran a fever for a day and a half and slept alot. Dry cough, but not too bad. Made it to Church this week..have been very lax about getting there lately. Not real keen on new minister yet but will give him a full year before I make any decisions or judgements. Herman and I moved Jackie into my mom's on Saturday. She's been doing really well there and my mom likes the company (I think!) so it's a good move for all. We had to move her computer and Herman had to re-install it but it's all good. Spoke to Dar last night (at length)..All is going well for her. We shared alot of was great to talk to her!! (Always is!) All my children are doing fairly well...Yay!! I'm off from work today and deciding what should really, really get done. Oh, we went to see "Hide and Seek" with Dakota Fanning and DeNiro..ok movie. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be. That Dakota Fanning is such a great actress, tho! (As is DeNiro!!) She was a very creepy little girl in this movie. Alright..I really need to get my day started! (Well...I've already been out because JOhn left his lunch home! LOL) Anyway, Peace!

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