Monday, January 10, 2005


Well, first off, Rachel is doing better. All her bloodwork came back fine so her doctor feels that it's viral in nature. SHe slept most of last week. Thankfully, she has started eating again so she has some of her strength back. The biggest problem right now is her depression. I hate to see her suffering so much. SHe returned to school today and wasn't happy about it. She pleaded with me to allow her to stay home. I wasn't having it. Then she called from the bathroom at school and said that she wants me to home school her or pay someone to do it. ROFLMAO! Me? Home school my kids?! I HATE even doing homeowrk with them. I usually have the patience of a saint but NOT when it comes to schoolwork! Herman is really good at helping them out with schoolwork...NOT ME. Hmmm..I wonder if he'll quit his job so that he can teach Rachel?! LOL..not happening!

Jackie has spent a few days/nights here. That's all I'm gonna say about that.

I'm feeling lousy. Was running slight fever earlier. Becky came home from school with a temp of 100 degrees and stomach pains. She spent all day in bed.

I made fried chicken tonight! I never made it before so I was surprised how easy it was. Altho, the cooking time killed me. (I made alot of chicken...12 or so pieces!) So far John and Herman have tasted it and said that it was really good.

I screwed up my satellite TV..Has to do with ordering and cancelling the wrong access cards so the family room (BIG HDTV) has no service. Oh well..I fell crappy so I'm watching TV in bed anyway! ::giggling::

Today is Adrian's birthday. If you get a chance, please stop by his journal and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADRIAN! And read some of his entried..he's such an intellectual/spirited/insightful/spiritual person.

Ok..I'm tired. Going to watch some tv and go to bed early...Right after I get my work clothes washed and dried. (Oh, yes..Keith insists that I wear a "uniform"..jeans and a company name sweatshirt or polo shirt. Sheesh!)



tmmiles4 said...

i'm all for the uniform pressure of what to wear....i think all the schools should do it ...much more economical too.....glad to hear ray is better...give her my love..

bigj021885 said...

Thanks a lot for checking out my journal.  I'm glad that you enjoyed what I had to say and am glad that you plan on checking it out often.  I will be sure to add a link to you from mine.  Thanks again and happy reading.

dr31415 said...

Uniforms... hmmm... doesn't let you be an individual and kind of makes you one of the many cogs in the machine.  I say it's time for a rebellion!  :)

Thanks for the well wishes.  I feel important and loved. -- Adrian