Thursday, January 6, 2005

Beware! Major "pimping" ahead!

Recently I received a comment and then an email from a new reader. I have since checked out his journal and thought that alot of you would probably really enjoy his stuff. Please go over to Song From My Soul and "welcome" Adrian to j-land. He's been here for awhile but just recently started up his journal again. I think that you'll find him to be a "breath of fresh air".

In other news...Rachel is still not feeling well. I took her for blood work yesterday. They are checking for mono, anemia, whatever. She has big bags under her eyes regardless of how much sleep she gets. She's constantly exhausted and has been sleeping an average of 18 hours a day. She looks very pale, almost yellow-ish and has lost about 10 pounds in the past month. Yes, some of it can be attributed to her depression but I'm not convinced that it can ALL be attributed to it. She had a good day today as Jackie came over and fed her pancakes and strawberry shortcake! LOL!! She's trying to fatten up Rachel!

While Rachel was laying down in the family room earlier today, she heard someone strumming John's guitar. She started yelling, "John! Knock it off! I'm trying to rest!!" Well, John was at fact no one was home except for Rachel! So it seems that one of our "ghosts" is back. Actually, John has been complaining that for the past several nights someone shakes his bed and wakes him up. Twice he told them to cut it ouit...the one night he simply just got out of bed and jumped in with Rachel, scaring her half to death! I'm going to sleep up there soon..maybe tonight. I'll bring my digital voice recorder and see what I get. Maybe bring the camera, too.

Keith took me out to lunch today. We headed to Charlie Brown's and had ourselves a great lunch! An hour and a half later we went back and got a lot accomplished. We actually accomplished quite a bit earlier in the day, also. He made me laugh so hard that I almost spit my coffee out!

Ok...done for now. Staring down some prome laundry as I type...Yes, it's all still here even tho I've done hours and hours worth already. :::sigh::: Never ends, never ends..

Ok..g'night and PEACE!

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