Saturday, February 5, 2005

Sorry for the "false alerts"!

Sorry for the 2 alerts earlier today. I decided to delete the entry because ...well, just "because".

All is quiet here..not too much going on. Jackie and Rachel will celebrate their birthdays next week, on the same day! Jack will be 23, while Ray will be 17. I'm supposed to take Ray for her driving test on Monday. YIKES!

Herman took John to see "The Boogeyman". I passed, for quite an obvious reason: stupid movies just don't do it for me. So, instead, I've been plopped on the couch watching "The Doors" with Val Kilmer and Meg Ryan..and lots of other famous people. I've always liked The Doors. Here in NJ there is a "cover band" called "Crystal Ship" that does all The Doors stuff. Last time I saw them I was 19 years old. I do believe that they are still around, tho. (Yes, it's been a long time!)

Maybe I'll wangle a trip to Applebee's outta Herman when he comes back...I'm tastin' nachos! LOL! It's been at least 2 weeks since I've had them so it's about time.

I cleaned the hot tub filters today because it was fairly nice out. (In the 50's and sunny.) The hot tub needs to be drained and refilled but I just don't have the energy to do it. It takes several hours.

Ok..I'm done...Peace!

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