Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yes! The Tiki Bar WAS open on Monday!

Well, we never did clean the room OR the yard on Monday. Yes, we went to the Tiki Bar in Pt. Pleasant and then to dinner at The Wharfside! LOL! We took a nice ride down the shore. (Note: Yes, I did say "down the shore". It's one of those regional terms of speech thingies..In NJ, we don't "go to the beach/shore", we "go down the shore". Don't ask...I can't explain it.) Anyway, we had a really nice day together.

Tuesday I worked half a day. So, I decided to do some food shopping. I made some meatballs and sausage for dinner. Then Herman and I headed to the gym. Yay! Day 6! Tonight I won't be going because I had an allergic reaction to lip blew up, I got bad hives and my breathing got bad. So I'll stay home tonight :(

Tomorrow night is Prom! Rachel and Becky are both going. Ray is going with her friend Nick, while Becky is going with her friend Jessica. Friday Ray will head down the Wildwood for the weekend. I'll post some pictures of the girls. Maybe a "before" shot of myself. We'll see.

Tonight is the finale of "Top Chef" so that's what I'll be doing tonight. Maybe even catch some of "Ghosthunters". Oh, which reminds me! TSPR is doing an investigation this weekend! I'm so excited! We're training a new person..fresh blood! LOL!

I guess I'm outta here for now...feeling lousy from the allergic reaction..Peace!


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jusmeinia7 said...

Hey Sharon!  As usual I have alot of catching up to do!  Sounds like you had a wonderful day "down the shore"!  I love the name Tiki Bar,  sounds fun.  But sorry to hear about the allergic reaction to whatever it could be.  Hope it's all better soon!