Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A $1000 bet!

Yes...that's right. I made a $1000 bet. The bet? That I will go to the gym 3-4 times per week for the next year. I started this Monday. Herman wants me to start slowly: 3 times a week for now. If I want, I can do the treadmill on the 4th day. So far I've made it twice to the gym. Yes, I am sore. But it's a good kind of sore. It's the sore that says "You WILL get into a bathing suit this year!" Ok...I am not fat by any means..but hey! I AM 45 now and I have had 4 children. Things on my body are slipping southwards...and FAST! I may post some pictures to track my progress..we'll see.

Oh, who did I make the bet with? My friend Mark, who claims that I'll quit after a few weeks. My words to Mark: I'll take your $1000 and I'll look good doing it!

In other fronts: Jackie got a job at a local upscale restaurant. She started training today.

Rachel was in the ER on Monday night. She has ovarian cysts on both ovaries. Ugh. Couple that with the fact that she has a lingering stomach virus and she's one miserable kid right now. Took her to gyn yesterday who wants to keep an eye on her for a bit. If the pain doesn't subside from the cysts he may do laproscopic surgery to see what's going on. Poor Ray!

Herman has been on vacation since last Friday so we've been hanging out with each other quite a bit. Did the Tiki Bar last Saturday. ( Note: A seagull "got" me right in the head! So I played the lottery..didn't win.) Took a ride to a beautiful and ridiculously expensive area of NJ on Friday. (Peapack- Gladstone...Jackie O had an estate there at one time.) We saw this 40,000 sq. foot mansion (I could be exaggerating!) on an estate called  Southern Comfort. DAMN! It was gorgeous! Really makes you wish that you had money!

Mother's Day was nice. We did brunch at a local Charlie Brown's. We went with my mom, sister and her family. Then we had my mom, nephew and Herman's family over for Chinese and Italian take out. No one could agree on 1 type of food so we just got both! Nice night altho I was tired.

Well...I should switch out some laundry and head to the store.


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