Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm going private for I've decided to go private

I've decided to go private for now...If you'd like to have access, just shoot me an email (duh)

I'll add the know who you are! (Darlene,Brian, Jason, Lila, Ms. Day, E'beth, Amy, etc..)

I'm just not comfortable posting too much info as my kids read my journal once in awhile..

I'll stay public for at least 2 weeks..

Hey! I've made it to the gym 4x a week for the past month! I am already seeing some results, such as tighter legs, weight loss, strength...I intend on keeping it up.

I'll post pictures soon..



jusmeinia7 said...

I appreciate being added to the list when you go private Sharon. WTG on your progress at the gym,  looking forward to your pics.  I posted quite a few on my journal the other day also.  

brimasta1 said...

Woo Hoo! Good work on gettin to the gym.. I havent been able to motivate myself. I need to!


hillareeday said...

Hey good for you about going to the gym and seeing the results of your hard labor! I need to commit to that more often.
blech for me, but KUDOS FOR YOU!!