Sunday, May 21, 2006

Day 5....and other stuff

I've made it to the gym 5 out of 7 days! Today I did the treadmill for 30 minutes and I did a leg workout. Herman is training me. I am doing light weights, light reps. (More "gym-ese"!) In any case, I feel a difference already: more energy, motivation and self-confidence! Oh yeah....more pain, too! LOL!

Last night Herman and I went to a dinner/dance cruise on the Hudson River with his sister Maureen and her husband George. We had a great time! I danced all night! (And I looked like a dork doing it!!!) I'm tall (5'10") so when I dance I look like an ostrich on acid! ROFLMAO! The cruise took us down the Hudson, from Tarrytown, beneath the Tappan Zee, under the GWB and down to Chelsea Pier in Manhattan. Very cool trip! We got home around 11:30pm and just collapsed into bed.

Today we decided to take a ride down US Route 1. We wound up in PA..because we didn't want to get off in Trenton! LOL! Anyway...we saw a sign for New Hope (PA) so we headed north. We hung out in New Hope for a couple of hours..had a few appetizers along the way. Then we had to "find" our way home.. I knew that we had to get back across the Delaware and then head east. Eventually we hit a road that we recognized and soon we were home. We really should invest in a portable navigation system...or at the very least keep a map in the car!! Anyway, we had a good time!

Herman's last day off (for awhile, anyway) is tomorrow. We'll be cleaning our room and working on our lawn. ::sniff::  Maybe we'll take another road trip?! We didn't get to Pt. Pleasant this weekend....Hmmm... I wonder if the Tiki Bar is open on Monday...?



jusmeinia7 said...

You look fantastic,  and what a great looking couple you two make!  

onmiownnow2 said...

WOW!  You certainly don't LOOK 45 years old!  Great pics.  Especially the poses!  ;)  Lisa