Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Only me...

Sorry for lapse in posting!

Went to Gettysburg last weekend with some fellow TSPR members, Ali and Kerri. We stayed in a cabin again. Had campfire at night, traipsed around the battlefields during the day and did a little investigating. Ali and I smelled pipe tobacco (cherry!) up on Little Round Top. After smelling every damn bush and tree (plus running around to see if anyone had a pipe lit!) we could only guess that there was some sort of presence there. I still have to review my recordings. Nothing showed up in photos.

Got new glasses a couple of weeks ago. They have progressive lenses, which mean I can look at a distance from the top portion of the lens, and I can read close up from the bottom of the lens. They're taking some getting used to, though. I won't bore you, but it's taking awhile for my eyes to adapt to the glasses. Oh, I learned that I'm not really a candidate for contacts because I have an angular astigmatism in my right eye, which would allow the contact to freely float about my eye, causing poor vision. Damn. (I used to have contacts years ago but my eyesight has worsened over the years.)

Jackie returns home for good tomorrow. I believe that her flight arrives around 6am on Thursday. Glad I'm not getting her! My mom will be going for her, as she has the day off and we have to work. We'll see how this works out. She hasn't lived home in quite awhile. We've (Herman and I) told her that she must A)Find a 40 hr a week job ASAP! B)Attend meetings C)Help around the house. There's more, but we're hoping that we don't have to go there.

Rachel graduates high school at the end of June...time flies by! I just can't get over the fact that she'll be headed to college this fall. (County college.) Becky will be a Senior and John, a sophomore.

Well...Rachel wants some Carvel ice cream and I've promised her that I would take her, as long as she brought my towels down from her room. I guess I'm outta here for now..


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jusmeinia7 said...

Hey Sharon,  I'm just here catchin up...looks like you have been busy,  loved the pics,  now that is one HOT car your hubby has!  I would want to be "borrowing" that all the time!  LOL  Don't our kids grow up way too fast?  Kinda sad in a way,  one day their babies, and the next it seems their grown up!  I hope you have the happiest of reunions with Jackie, and everything works out for her.  
Happy Mothers Day!!!