Saturday, April 15, 2006

"You say it's your birthday..."

Ok...just a couple of pictures..(Sorry Michele!)

Today is my 45th birthday! And, it is the 50th birthday of my husband's favorite (my favorite, too) cousin Jeff. So we spent the day up at Jeff's celebrating his birthday! It's very odd singing "Happy Birthday" to someone else on your birthday! Herman took me out for my favorite dinner last night: Shrimp cocktail, dozen steamers, Mahattan clam chowder and a 1 1/4 lb. broiled lobster..rice pudding for dessert! (All this for $29.99 at The Barge in Perth Amboy!!) Oh, they make the BEST Bloody Mary, too! Herman said that he is taking me away next weekend..we'll see. I hate leaving 3 teenagers home. We're thinking of going to Mohegan Sun Casino in Ct or doind a cheesy hotel up in the Poconos. (Think champagne glass and heart shaped tubs.) We may wind up in Atlantic City for all I know. We don't really gamble but the hotels are worth the sightseeing trip. I'll let you know where we wind up...after the fact. (Insert dirty little laugh here.)

On other fronts: Jackie had decided to move back home at the end of this month. I really wished that had waited a bit longer to return home, but oh well. She has to learn how to be clean wherever she goes.

Rachel is Boca Raton at the home of a childhood friend who moved there several years. She's having a great time and claims that we will all envy the tan she has accomplished. She'll miss Easter at home but she'll live. Her Easter basket will sit on the table til she gets home. (Tuesday at midnight.)

Anyway..I'm outta here for now..I'm really beat from the day.



jusmeinia7 said...

HAPPIEST OF HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!  An E card is on it's way...gosh does that dinner sound good and the bloody marys too!   The "cheesy hotel" doesnt sound all that bad really....but wherever you go have a great time,  I know you will.  I should send you my address, send me a postcard!  lol

detjebea5 said...

Happy Birthday. I was just talking to me husband about how I had a taste for a Bloody Mary. I may have to make some tomorrow.

brianduddy said...

Hey Sharon, hope you had a great b-day!


brimasta1 said...

Sharon? Helooooo? U still there? lol