Saturday, May 7, 2005

Gotta remember to post here more often!

Not a whole hell of alot going on here. Rachel got her stitches removed on Monday. The scar is healing beautifully and will hardly be noticeable. Great news there! John and BEcky have been sick with a virus this whole past week. Cough, headache, name it, they had it. They are recuperating, tho. Herman is judging a powerlifting meet today. I'm going to try and get alot done here today so that when he gets home we can enjoy each others company. I'm in the midst of 10 billion loads of laundry as we speak. I have to get the basement cleaned up because the inspectors are coming on Wednesday to look at the new furnace and air conditioner we had installed in October. My basement is a mess since Herman moved our computer into Jackie's old room and the sewer line backup. Everything kind of got thrown around the basement.

I haven't decided what I want to do for Mother's Day. Perhaps I'll make it to Church. That would be nice. Then I think we'll have my family over for Chinese food. Or something like that. NO COOKING OR CLEANING!! I'm gonna try and get that done today..That said..I've really got to get moving!


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