Thursday, April 28, 2005


Tuesday Rachel walked into a door at the school. Here's the conversation I had with the nurse when she called me at work to tell me about this:

Nurse: Hi Sharon. It's Maureen from the high school. How are you?

Me: Good, Maureen! And how are you? (OK..who has cramps now?)

Nurse. Good! Listen..I have Rachel here in the office. Well, she kind of walked into the front door and well...she cut her eyelid pretty badly. She'll probably need a few stitches. She's ok...but she's got a pretty good sized gash on her eyelid. You should take her to the ER.

Me: What??!! Is she ok?

Nurse: Oh, she's fine now.. get the gist of the conversation. She didn't want to upset me so she kind of down-played it. When I got there Rachel was sitting quietly and she looked ok. I thought that she was cut on the part of her eyelid that covers her eye, the soft part. It turned out that it was right underneath her eyebrow. Lucky for her that she was wearing her glasses. They probably saved her eyesight in that eye. The final outcome was a 4 hour jaunt to the ER that resulted in 8 stitches (plastic surgeon did them) to her eyelid and a possible slight concussion. She hit the door hard. She's been home from school the past few days. Not feeling well. Bad headache and her eye is killing her. But I'm happy to report that she WILL live. And probably won't have a bad scar.

Did I mention that Saturday night we were "kidnapped" by good friends of ours? They showed up at our house unannounced on Saturday night and took us out for an impromtu dinner at a Mexican place in the Atlantic Highlands. I had a cucumber margarita that I cannot stop talking about!! And talk about great salsa!! They had the best salsa I have ever had. The only thing missing was the guacamole! I love Mexican food so it was great to go out and have some. (Herman, on the other hand, HATES Mexican food and forced it down. But I have to say, he did enjoy his ribs and chicken in a pasillla salsa. Very tasty!)

TSPR is going to a paranormal convention in June. Ali and I are sharing a room. I just love Ali. We talk a mile a minute when we're together. We spent this past Monday together. We just drove around and did a little exploring. Then we went to dinner, where one of the waitresses I know was able to get us access to the supposedly haunted attic of this very old restaurant. I got a picture of an orb. It was way cool! We had a great time together, even tho our plans for the day fell thru. (We were supposed to meet up with Kerri {from our group} and head down to Batsto State Park to do an investigation with another paranormal research group from south Jersey.)'s getting time for some good ol'!

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tmmiles4 said...

why does herman look..........BALD?   tell me it's just the lack of lighting! have another friend? other than me? how DARE you! & miss ya!