Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Maybe next week??

We thought that this week was going to be better for Rachel but apparently not. While on her way home from school today (she left early because of her sinus infection) she witnessed 4 seniors from her high school get into a horrible crash. The 2 girls in the back seat were injured seriously. They had to use the "jaws of life" to pry the roof off in order to extricate the girls.

What an awful week for our high school.

I'd like to point out that in both car accidents this past week, no one was wearing a seat belt. Parents..please insist that your children wear there seat belts. Make it a habit. Wear YOUR seat belt. Set the example.

God..I never thought that I would be getting up on a soapbox, but...this week has been a nightmare of serious car accidents.

Please pray for these 4 gilrs that were injured today and continue to keep "A" in your prayers, also. ("A" is the boy who was in the serious accident in my last post.)


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samnsmile5 said...

Oh my!  This is tough...hope everyone will be ok.