Monday, May 16, 2005

Here's to a better week..

Last week was pretty much awful. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Monday: Uneventful. Oh, no...wait. Monday I had to had a "urodynamic study" on my bladder. It was uncomfortable, but not awful.

Tuesday: Rachel had a car accident. A fender bender but boy, was she lucky! She was pulling from the middle lane into the right lane and OOOPS! Someone was already in the right lane!! No major damage to either car. No tickets issued.

Wednesday and Thursday: Pretty quiet.

Friday: Rachel went to work and told the manager that she had cramps and wanted to go home. 2 hours later she was called into the manager's office. He told her that she was leaving too much and that he wasn't going to be able to put her on the schedule. She came home pissed off and in tears, thinking that she had been fired. She called and called to see if they wanted her to work on Saturday but the manager didn't call back. Then later on that night, her boyfriend of a few weeks broke up with her because he thinks that it's too weird to be dating his old friend's ex-girlfriend. Rachel was very upset because she really liked this guy. They were friends for awhile before they started to date. She is going to miss his friendship a great deal.

Saturday: Rachel finally got a call back from work and was told that she wasn't fired, to come in for her Saturday shift. She no sooner gets to work when a close friend of hers calls to tell her that Rachel's prom date, "A", was in a horrendous accident on Friday night and that he was in the ICU of a local trauma center. (I'm not giving names..some of these kids are innocent and some are minors.) This boy "A" is also the best friend of Becky's boyfriend. Apparently "A" had been drinking and when he wanted to pick up one of his friend's, he asked to borrow the new car of another friend since it was blocking his car. The owner of the new car (not really new..but new to him) asked if "A" had been drinking and when "A" said "no", the kid handed him the keys. "A" was going literally around the block and up the street a few blocks to pick up the other friend. "A" also had a passenger in the car, a kid named "B". "B" is Becky's old "boyfriend". Well, "A" did between 45-90mph , all the while with "B" screaming at him to stop driving so fast. "A" crashed into a parked car and flipped the car he was driving. "A"'s brother is an EMT in town...and was on call that night. "A"'s brother arrives at the scene, not aware that it is his brother he is saving, because it's not his brother's car. From what I understand, it took 1/2 hour to remove "A" from the wreckage. "B" walked out of the car, not a scratch on him. Thank God for that!! "A" has 2 skull fractures, 2 pelvic fractures, broken fingers, very deep cuts on his head and throat. From what Rachel understands, there is a risk of blood clots in his brain. He has such a severe concussion that he was bleeding from his ears.

Needless to say, Rachel was a mess over this. She had been with him on Friday night til about 10pm. The accident was around midnight. So she explained what happened to her manager and he let her go once a replacement came in. She went straight to the hopital to see "A". This made her feel a great deal better. But we don't think that "A" is going to the prom, for obvious reasons. Also, he will be arrested once he's released from the hospital. Did I mention the the kid who owned the "new" car had no collision on the car? Bad news all the way around..

When Becky woke up on Saturday, she found out from Jack (her boyfriend) about "A". Once Jack got home from work they went to see "A". They spent most of the late afternoon and evening with "A" and his family. "A" doesn't realize how badly he is injured, thanks to copius amounts of morphine. He told Rachel that he'd be out of the hospital in a day or so. Probably more like a few weeks. It's so sad. The ironic part is that Becky just made a video about teen drinking and driving and it was presented on Monday night at the same hospital where "A" is being treated.

Now Rachel is in a deep depression. We're worried about her. I told her that she needs to look at the good sides of all this: "A" is alive, "B" is alive..she's only 17 and there will be plenty of other boyfriend's and if she loses her job, she'll find another!!

Please keep "A" and his family in your prayers. They are going to go thru alot in the next few months.

Now...on to a better week...Peace!


kissofvanity said...

Wow, what a week.  You're right--pretty bad.  Very scary.  
Peace to your family.


samnsmile5 said...

This is such a scary and car accidents.  I worry about my teenage son every time he gets in his car.   Wishing a speedy recovery to "A"  and I hope your daughter is hanging in there with all that has gone on.

brimasta1 said...

Thinking about ya. I hope everything works out.