Monday, April 4, 2005

'm I bad?!


Not much going on. Well..things are going on but I can't get into details.

TSPR was supposed to have an investigation last night. We drove 2 hours to get there and when we were 2 blocks from their house, they called and canceled.No explanation..nothing. So we all headed to Friday's for dinner and a meeting. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we had a really good time! We all get along and share alot of laughs. So the night wasn't a waste at all.

Easter was very nice. We had dinner at my mom's. We brought the ham and some snow crab legs. For dessert we brought cream puffs...Yummmm! We usually go to the Holiday Inn for their buffet but it got to be too expensive. I can't see paying $26.00 + tip per person when all Rachel will eat is turkey and mashed potatoes, John will only eat meat-nothing else (which would explain why, at 5'8" he only weighs 110 pounds!!!) and the rest of us (except for Herman) only have 1 or 1 1/2 servings of food. And you can't wrap leftovers. Anyway..not worth it anymore.

At Deb's recommendation, I rented "Around The Bend" and watched it today. LOVED IT! Great story! Michale Caine, Christopher Walken. It was funny, sad, touching...all the things you want a good movie to be! Never boring, never dragged. Moved along quite nicely. Tonight I'm going to try and watch "Shall We Dance" with Richard Gere (always a favorite of mine!), Susan Sarandon and Jennifer Lopez.

Trying to catch up on my laundry and housework. I've been in quite a slump lately. Just cannot get motivated to clean. ANd form the look of this house, I NEED to get moving here! LOL!

My boss and his wife are in the labor and delivery suite as we speak. She's being induced today so hopefull by late tonight or tomorrow morning, Baby Door will be born! read that right.."Door". They cannot decide on a name so they refer to the baby as "Door"! Isn't that cute?! Naming this baby has been a challenge for them so wish the kid some luck in the name department, won't you?!

Herman and I will be celebrating 20  years together (not married- that'll be 18 years in August) on April 19th. We would like to go away for the night but with teenagers, we can't really leave them alone, can we?! Maybe we can "farm" them out. We really need a night away..just us. <insert dirty laugh here>

My son and my cousin's daughter, Jaimie, have become close friends recently. We went to Jaimie's confirmation party on Palm Sunday and since then, they've been spending time together. We hadn't seen her in a few years so John barely remembers her. Jaimie  went out with my cousin and John and bought herself a guitar. John's "teaching" her how to play. They are 1 month apart in age. I haven't seen this much of my cousin EVER! LOL!

Rain: We've had a lot of rain lately. While traveling to the anticipated investigation last night, we saw many flooded rivers, stream and trinutaries. The Raritan River was way up, as was the Weston Canal and other canals nearby. In NY, we saw roiling waters ..whitewater!! It was kinda cool but the devastation that flooding brings is awful. Funny story: Last Wednesday I was on my way back from picking John up from my cousin's. It had been pouring the better part of the day so there was street flooding all over. I had hit a rather large "puddle" earlier in my drive and it frightened me because it pulled the wheel from me a I was taking it slow and easy. (This is difficult for me..I am a Jersey driver all the way!) We got near my Church, right in town, when I noticed another large I slowed down and proceeded to drive thru it. John starts laughing and sreaming, "Oh my God!! Didn't you see that lady on the sidewalk? You got ' got her soaked!!" Apparently, I was so concerned about not loosing the wheel in a puddle that I never saw the woman on the sidewalk..My truck pushed a huge wave of water at her while she tried, in vain, to shield herself with her umbrella!!! I felt bad but I took off.I know TOO many people in this town! LOL!!

OK..I've noticed that time has escaped me and I'm late getting dinner to the table.

I'm outta her...Peace!


tmmiles4 said...

glad you're back sister!  i miss you!  have to tell you about my night out with the girls...pure drama!  not doing that again......oh and miss ya!  keep updating it gives me something to look forward to......

njlittlebear said...

Glad you had a nice Easter.  Been raining like crazy here in Philly too.  Great Journal.