Sunday, March 20, 2005

Wow! Has it really been that LONG since I last posted??

Well..I COULD say that I've been really, really busy or I could tell you the truth...I guess the truth would be best. Yeah, I was kinda busy but the real reason I haven't posted in a while is that I just flat out had nothing to write about!! And trust me..THAT'S news in and of itself!! LOL! I like it!

All is well here. My dad was down from VT this past week so that we could make our reservations for CA!!! YAY!!! We leave on August 19 (Herman's birthday) for San Diego where we'll stay for 4 nights. Since we (my sister, dad and I ) used to live in San Diego for a short time in 1971, we have lots of things to see! I'm especially excited to see the old apartment we lived in for those 5 short months. (Long story for another day.) I'm also excited to see Sea World! But what I'm MOST excited about is going to The Whaley House, supposedly the most haunted house in the U.S.! I plan on doing a mini-investigation of my own. We depart San Diego on the 23rd. We'll head up to Disneyland, stopping to see San Juan Capistrano on the way up. If you've never been, it's a beautiful old mission. We'll spend 4 nights at the Disneyland Hotel, leaving for home on Saturday the 27th. I CAN'T WAIT!!! The only bad part of the whole trip is that Herman will not be joining us.

Several j-land friends have made a return to journaling, namely Jeffcomedy and CHOY. Take a stop by their journals and welcome them back, won't you? CHOY had a wonderful time over the holidays. He went back home to the Phillipines and visited his family. I love his journal because he shares so much of himself, his beliefs and his traditions. He's just a warm and friendly guy...someone you'd like to know. And Jeff?! Well..probably one of the best story tellers here in j-land! Many here (j-land) have missed him and I'm sure that when they received a journal alert from him the other day they were just THRILLED! I read Jeff's mom's movie review journal all the time. If you've never been, please check her out at Debzreviews. She and I like alot of the same movies. I actually rent movies just on her say-so!

Well..I'll try to be more diligent about posting from here on in. I tried posting a really long post a few weeks ago (actually tried that same post twice!!) but by accident I somehow deleted the post before it it posted!! (Did that make sense to you?)

We have a party to go to today. My cousin's daughter made her confirmation. Haven't seen them in a year or two..even tho they live 20 minutes away. It's a shame how you grow apart once you have a family of your own. My sister and I were laughing the other day because we hadn't seen each other since Christmas!! We speak on the phone several times a week but we hadn't seen each other for months!! ANd we live 10 minutes from each other!! Our sons have kind of grown apart but they spent this weekend together.

Ok...enough rambling for now...Peace!


hillareeday said...

Glad to  see you back!
What a great trip you have to look forward to. The haunted house would be fun to go in,although I usually don't get into creepy things like that! Especially if it is rumored to be for real! Yikes! :-S

whizgem said...

Hi SHARON...Good day!  I am very happy to see you back.  A week without an entry in your journal seem so long.  We miss you if we don't hear from you (at least) in your journal.....I don't mean to pressure you <LOL> to add an entry everyday since I do understand you got some other things to do.  Thank you for the nice acknowledgment you gave me in your journal.  You're such a wonderful J-Land friend.  The nice acknowledgment made me "grounded" and encouraged me to be myself and enjoy things in life.  Thanks a million!...Always, CHOY :-)

tmmiles4 said...

guess we're gonna have to wait another YEAR for an update huh?  miss ya!